Dirty Ammo???

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by caveman60, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. caveman60

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    Purchased 5 boxes of ammo (.380 Armscor) and took my P230 to the range yesterday... after just one box of this ammo, I noticed what I can only describe as "soot" (not unlike an old oil furnace, in need of a very GOOD
    cleaning) covering the inside of the chamber area and also in the magazine well. I've gone through alot of ammo, in my 50 + years of shooting and
    have NEVER come across this much filth, in just 50 rounds.
    My question is: Did I just happen to buy a very bad batch, or has anyone else had this happen with this ammo, in .380 cal.? I have 4 more boxes and certainly hope they are not the SAME batch.
    Have a great day... T
  2. locutus

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    What's the problem???

    You're supposed to clean your weapon anyway.

    If I can get reliable, safe ammo at a good price, even if it's dirty I use it. Then I clean my weapon.

  3. Tidalforce79

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    While I agree with Locutus, you should be cleaning it anyway, it does seem like a pretty dirty set of rounds if your gun looks like a fireplace after 50 rounds.
  4. BodySnatcher

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    As soon as I read Armscor... Yup that Philippino ammo is dirty dirty stuff.