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Dillon 550 Press

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I ahve a Dillon Press, I think it's a 550, I have had it for nearly 16 years but because I have been working almost contantly the press has been in storeage. Anyway to cut a long story short I have decided to get back into reloading as I have a little more time for recreational shooting.

This is a little embaressing.......I have found all the bits to the press and got it on the new reloading bench, but for the life of me I can't get my head around how the transfer bar connecting the powder measure is assembled to operate the powder measure on the downward stroke. I have the exploded diagram from the internet but I just can't remember how it went together.

Any ideas?..........:(
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The only function the bar has is to pull the powder measureback to the measure posision. I have not had the linkage to the powder measure of mine for years. I have never had any trouble with the powder measure returning so I just leave it off.
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