Digging In and Staying Home

Discussion in 'Survival & Sustenance Living Forum' started by bizy, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. bizy

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    After reading all the posts in my other post, (My Worst Fear), I have decided to stay at home and dig in..

    Now it's a new ball game. So, now I am working on securing the doors and windows. I have brick on the bottom 3rd of the house, that will give me good protection there. I am calling a well digging company today to get a water supply and we already have 2 4,000 wt gas generators. We have been stocking up on beans, pasta, rice and canned goods.

    I never thought I would be making plans to baracade myself in a dwelling and fighting off horads of zombies..
  2. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I am not going anywhere either, I am just staying home and defending what I got.

  3. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

    I doubt any zombies will spontaneously rise up and go in search of living flesh to rend, but I do live a few miles off the corridor of land the feds ceded to the cartels for drug and human smuggling, so being ready is paramount for when they feel froggy enough to play "jump" like they do all the time south of the border. Some effects may be interruptiosn of power and or food supplies due to terrorist acts and violent attacks. COULD be, hopefully we'll get someone with cajones before then, or the Governor will use the new State Guard power we gaver her...
    Buy one can of tuna/ravioli/no water needed soup every time you go to the store, even when just running down to the corner market for a six pack and a pack of cigarrettes, and stash it. Amazing how fast that stash can grow.
  4. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    I have no plans to travel but if I do it will be to nearby places where family members are well stocked.
  5. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    I am in a very small town. The good thing is I have close friends who would help if security was a problem. The bad thing is we are on a Federal highway and people would be coming through following the road. There is no good way to secure my town. We only have the county Sheriff's department and it is small. I'll stay as long as the threat isn't perceived as strong. If I feel insecure I'm heading out towards the Flint Hills to a friend's farm where we can hunker in and be away from the main roads.
  6. wmille01

    wmille01 New Member

    In case of zombies (like even the dead rise up from the graves) I getting the hell out of dodge. I live two blocks from the towns biggest cemetery, then down to the gun depot down the road. Then I would secure myself in my brother in laws house several miles out of town.

    I would brick up the doors, nail shut the windows with boards I and booby trap the perimeter with loud noise making systems so I know when something is coming. Over 5000 rounds of ammunition, several gallons of water, and tons of can food. Not to mention the ham radio in the attick. Word of advice gasoline only has a shelf life of one year.
  7. Theunsb

    Theunsb New Member

    Please correct me but I am sure one or more petrol bombs might upset all your plans when dugged in.
    Thousands of rounds of ammo and 10 guns does not mean that you can fight off a serious attack since you are boxed in and an average good shot never mind a sniper will get you before you have eliminated 10 attackers.
    A hailstorm of bullets fired by a gang can take care of you just as fast or a bulldozer driven by a zombie.
    Property will get you killed faster since it advertise your status and highly possible commodity availability.:eek:

    To me survival is to dissapear off the radar screen and avoid or limit moving around unless in flight or scouting for food or water in desperation. Have reliable well prepared friends that wants to survive at your side better the odds.
  8. rjd3282

    rjd3282 New Member

    Remember what Patton said about fixed fortifications being a monument to mans stupidity. :D