Difficult preban mags

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Vincine, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Vincine

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    I received some preban G19 mags’ recently. They don’t feed with all 15 rounds. With 14 rounds they feed fine. They also are very hard to remove. I can barely push the magazine eject button. I knew they swelled to prevent accidental magazine drops, I had no idea they would be so hard to remove even on purpose. The three supplied magazines work fine. I'm thinking maybe some light lubricant or 'Armorall' or something on the exterior of the mags might make them slide out easier. Any other suggestions? Nothing came up on a ‘Preban magazine’ search.
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  2. TimL2952

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    well, not feeding when full could be a weak magazine spring not being able to push up all that ammo. Older mag, weaker spring and all...as for the difficulty releasing...not sure on that one. I'm not really a handgun guy

  3. apowers1214

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    The not feeding could be part of the swelled design as a flaw. I got some KCM mags recently really difficult to load. One drops perfectly fine the other I had to sand down by hand using sand paper.
  4. Quentin

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    That's a shame since they are preban as you'd expected to get a full 15 rounds since these mags are grandfathered in. I've heard they swell but never heard of something this tight. Can you try them in another G19/26 as a test fit?