Differential Theory of US Military (building model)

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    When told to "secure a building"-

    The Navy will close the widows, lock the doors, and leave.

    The Marines will assualt the building, dig fighting positions in the flower beds, and call for an air strike on their own position.

    The Army will put two privates outside who will refuse to admit anyone without the password.

    The Air Force will sign a 2 year lease, with an option to buy the building.

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    Combat Heavy Engineers: Assult building with APC set perimeter of triple strand concertina wire while shredding BDU's and complaining the whole time. Dumb azz Squad leader drive D7 over wire in the middle of the night because he had to wear NVG to let him see better. In process of driving over the wire he gets his arm cut and while crying about it runs through house with dozer and knocks the entire thing over. SPC Tango gets pissed screams at Squad leader SGT FATTY J and calls him a effing DOUCHE BAG. SGT FATTY J gives SPC Tango Counseling statement saying SPC Tango is to take 20 hours of anger management classes. SPC Tango tears up counseling statement and leans in to SGT Fatty J and says "If you try to send me to these stupid effing classes I am going to come to your house and kick you fat lazy douche bag ***" SGT Fatty J sharts a little in his BDU Pants and backs down not sending SPC Tango to Anger Management classes.....

    That is almost a true story. No house but everything else was true. That dude was ate up like a soup sandwich. Dude got on me because I scored a 275 on my PT test and he scored a 180.... For those not in the ARMY three events in army PT test sit ups push ups and 2 mile run. a 300 is 100 points per event. If you go over in all three events you go on to an advanced scale. The min passing score is 180 60 points in each event. I was 25 points from maxing mine out and he barley passed. Talk about piss me the hell off.

    Maybe that is why I never made it to E-5.... Oh well......
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