different load data for Speer bullets?

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    After checking with Alliant Powders loading data I found that they only give data for Speer bullets. My understanding is that Speer bullets are clad and not made with the traditional jacket, therefore are softer and require different amounts of powder. Is this true? Is there a source I can access to find the difference in loads between Speer and other bullets of the same weight and configuration? Thanks in advance and good shooting to y'all. dgang
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    Go to who-ever products your using web site or better yet call them.. Most manufactures have data for their products and are more than happy to help! Just let them know what powder/bullet combo your using...

    I had to call a few companys for unusual data for my Arisaka...

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    Speer and other big-names make jacketed bullets. They also make heavy plated bullets (see Gold Dots) that are referenced as "bonded." These are not the light plating on the bullets from Rainier, X-treme, and Berry's.
    Also, except for the COL, you can use any jacketed data for any jacketed bullet (or the thick plated "bonded" bullets). The thinly plated bullets can not handle the high speeds of SOME top-end handgun loads, so they are to loaded just like lead bullets and, if desired, you can try to push them up to the mid-range of jacketed bullets.
    For .355, .356, and .357" bullets, you are better off ordering real jacketed bullets from Montana Gold or Precision Delta (I think Zero is pricing themselves out of MY market) then wasting big money on the NAME brands or any of the plated bullets.
    For larger caliber bullets, all I shoot are cast lead.
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    Speer, on some bullets uses a thinner jacket and softer lead then others. Their 270gr 9.3 is a good example. It is fine on whitetail, Eastern Moose, and even Eastern Black bear, but is not suited for heavy thicker skinned game. I move up to a 286gr Partition then. The 270gr works fine in my 9.3x57, but is prone to failure in 9.3x62 because of the velosity when it hits game. The jacket tends to seperate from the core. 285gr GC cast lead work as well and don't loose weight.
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    Looking to use them in .357 and .380 at close to max pressures with Unique powder. Wanted to check jacket thickness and any compressability issues that might arise. Might have to breakdown and buy a Speer reloadin manual. Thanks for all of your answers, dgang