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    I have signed up with a couple of distributors, but there are a few that require a retail store front to have an account. Does anyone know if those that require a store front have better prices than those who don't? Do the same distributors have different prices for each customer?

    I understand about buying in volume and all, but with the prices I have seen on the net, makes me wonder why/how some people do it. I'll give you a couple of examples, quite a few dealers selling Colt 6920 for 1100 or so, S&W M&P pistols for 399 (gun show price) and XDM's for 540 (gun show). Are they just looking to get ride of them or what? The ironic thing is, one dealer actually has a retail store.
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    It often comes down to negotiating deals. We are small but we have a better deal and price on certain guns then the local big competitor, we had to work that deal though with distributors.

    It never hurts to ask whats the best price they can do, and if you buy for instance 5 or more of a gun they will often cut you some slack.

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    You are correct that some will not deal with non-storefront FFL's. Look elsewhere.

    I have one primary distributor through whom I try to buy most everything. They are the largest wholesaler in the nation under one roof. They pay for shipping on orders above $299; and 2-day delivery on handguns costs me $4.86. Some will get $40-$50...as noted, look elsewhere. They have an excellent website where you can see all dealer prices and also the number in stock...no placing an order to find out a day later it is out-of-stock. I have never had any issue of any kind with them in 25 years. Good folks to deal with.

    E-mail me if you wish. I'd rather not put their name here, as it may be a violation of this website's policy.
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    Ref... As a home run business, what's your profit margin on your weapons etc.? You can PM me if you prefer. I'm not looking to make a killing when I get mine started just want to suppliment the retirement check a bit if you know what I mean;)
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    ref441, I read your post. Just got my home based FFL.
    Can you please give the info regarding your distributor.
    You can PM me.