Differences in stripped lowers

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bgeddes, Jun 4, 2008.

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    I'm in the process of gathering info to build my own AR. It seems there are lots of decent kits. I am leaning towards some of the places with better customer service versus the best prices. One place I shop has a few different stripped lowers, CMMG, Double Star, and Superior Arms. There is a price difference that makes me wonder why one piece is better or worse the the other. I see others advertised on the lower end of the dollar scale but common sense says to question things. End goal is a bare bones, average accuracy, reliable, A2 'issue style' AR. Is there something I am missing with the specs on the lowers?

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    You're on the right track - some kit parts are actually sim parts, so they aren't as good as others.

    CMMG and DPMS both sell good quality parts to build on.

    In the next week or so I will be doing a How-To Guide for the forum on building from stripped upper and lower receivers, with some pictures, and perhaps some parts recommendations.


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    I think you are asking something most of us do, more money= better quality, and it's logical. If a receiver is "mil spec", than it's held to certain tolerances. Just remember that there are allowable variances within the tolerance range. I have one each of the following: DPMS, Stag, Cavalry Arms and Essential Arms. The Stag, Cav Arms and DPMS were roughly the same price. I bought the Essential about 4 years ago for $65 new. I don't even know if they're still in business. They used to sell factory direct but stopped shortly after I bought mine. They all accept mil spec parts perfectly and all function perfectly. The Stag and DPMS are very well finished. The Essential shows marks as I think they are (were) cast. I haven't notived any better FUNCTIONAL quality by paying more, but I am sure others can offer bad experiences in buying cheap.
    Good look.
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    Those lowers listed are unlikely to be different at all in terms of function.