Differance between g17 and 17c

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GUNBOSS1031, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. GUNBOSS1031

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    Lot of people ask me shat the differance is i say that the c version has open tops on the slude so that u can rapid fire and it dosent heat up as fast just like the g18c if u have ever noticed the top part of the slide
    Also the c version have less recoil because less preasure from one outing on the gun
  2. MrWray

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    The "C" stands for compensated.. The pistol has two ports on the barrel and two ports on the slide.compensating the pistol is supposed to create less recoil. The two things that i noticed whenever i had my 23c is compensation makes the weapon louder and at nighttime the weapon produces a "V" flame and can be pretty bright and mess with your night vision if using hot rounds. Has nothing to do with generated heat

  3. Firearms4ever

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    The reason it makes the firearm produce a V shaped flame is, because of the ports. Since the gases have a chance to escape through those ports and the powder is still burning gas escapes through there, but so do the flames or flash from the burning powder. It also affects velocity.