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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Troy Michalik, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Alright guys, sorry about the diesel thread, but I saw some chatter from some other members a while back so I know some of you are knowledgeable , and nobody on the diesel forum is answering, so here goes.

    I’ve got a 2000 7.3L F350, and yesterday when I stopped for fuel and put it in park the engine revved up to 2K. My initial reaction was to turn it off and ponder WTF was that?:eek: So I restarted it, shifted into drive…….paused…… and shifted back into park. And again it revved to 2K stayed there momentarily and then came down to normal.

    OK, I’ve never even heard of this before, so what in the world is going on? Maybe a cam or throttle positioning sensor?
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    Not an expert, but I do have a 2006 6.0 PSD. If I had to guess you may be having a throttle postion sensor problem. Best thing to do is scan the computer (All have OBDII since 1995). It may have a code in there explaining the problem. Since you didn't say that the check engine light is not on, It maybe a potential problem now, but could get worse later.:cool:

  3. orangello

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    If the CEL is on, many Autozones will check the codes for free. You can usually find their cause on the interweb fairly quickly. (I drive a Sentra that was made in Mexico. :rolleyes: )

    On the sentras, you can manually reset the TPS through the OBD2 system; maybe there is a similar setup for you, IDK. If there is something similar, these guys might know: http://www.powerstroke.org/forum/7-3-tech-files/ from what i've heard.
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    ITS A FORD. that is the problem.

    Trade that thing in on a Chevy with the Duramax and the 6 speed Alison tranny. My dad got one and after driving it OMG I want one. It is very quiet them noisy rattling powerstrokes are horrible compared to that chevy. Running 85mph on the freeway with the cruise on it sounds like a car it is so quiet.

    I would concur that it is a TPS problem.
  5. ktmboyz

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    How is your oil?? any lights on? PM me yer vin and I can run an oasis report on the ford tech site and check for common problems. Usually a cam sensor will cause a hot no start.
  6. AsmelEduardo

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    There's so many variables involved, the most common is the TPS, but can be other problem.... Check the diagnostics codes.

    That backs to my mind one funny history... a few days back I was fueling my Jeep, then in the pump next to me a F350 parks to pump fuel too, but from the engine's sound I knew that was a diesel engine... that is weird in Venezuela, since we have one of the most cheapest gas in the world is fairly comon that trucks big as F600 and Chevys C60 are gas powered, so this guy start to fill the truck with gasoline, and the engine running! ....I start to laugh(shame on me), and try to tell the @$$hole that stop filling the tank and/or turn it off, but the laugh don't let me, as hard I try to yell the laugh is louder.... so the engine start to over-rev and the guy stand in the front of the truck and start to look under it, trying to figure out what in hell is happening... I yell STOP THE ENGINE @$$HOLE!!! this is a diesel truck and you are putting gas on it!!! but was too late, suddenly the engine just blew under the hood when the guy try to turn it off... in a moment I thought the pistons would shoot out thru the exhaust pipe.
    I couldn't stop from laugh until half hour later.
  7. ktmboyz

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    If I had to guess without seeing it I would say Maybe turbo seals starting to go so its feeding itself with oil or something like that? Usually sensors are very good for setting trouble codes and a light nowadays.
  8. cameronguyton

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    That tranny is the only real thing the GM trucks have going for it. If you want a quiet engine, get a gas burner. Otherwise go for the Cummins. Of course get the manual tranny, because Dodge isn't capable of making an automatic that will hold up more than a couple of years.
  9. ChuckD

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    I would check for simple stuff like the air intake system for vacuum leaks. That can reek havoc on gasoline engines.

  10. Kain

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    PTO stuck on?

    Perhaps a sensor going bad. I'm much more of a Cummins man myself, much simpler (if it's not running, it's out of fuel) A 2000 is pre-emissions so it's not a regen cycle. I'd say get it scanned, if nothing comes up keep driving it until the service lamp illuminates. Fords are notorious about having "phantom" problems in their powerstrokes though so good luck.
  11. layton

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    Well,this is what I used to do is work on engines and diesels, but I could sit here and tell you what it could possably be, but that would only be a guess.It could be oil leaking past the turbo seals, could be injecter O Rings leaking, TPS sensor, allthis and others could be the problem. If no CEL light is on, the only thing to do is to put an engine analyzer on it, that way the technician can watch every sensor. Also it will show all the pressures if he has the right diagnostics.

    I have seen it so many times before, but I will say it again, process of elimination is expensive!

    best to pay for a qualified diagnostics with some one that has the knowledge and equipment to do it with, in the long run you will save money.