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Did anyone else hear this today?

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After church about 12:30 we are on the way to Harbor tools for a look around before a movie...

On FOX news they had someone that quotes "a reliable White House source" that Obama other than passing 5,798 new rules n regs regarding many things since his reelection.

Obama plans on pushing / passing / executive order to re classify mostly all semi auto guns as a "CLASS 2 WEAPON REQUIRING A FEDERAL TAX STAMP TO OWN," saying further "We know this in not possible but they are claiming almost all semi auto weapons are easily converted to full auto weapons."

He claimed his source was uber reliable....

here found a link....
President to bypass Congress on semiautomatic weapons ban?
Gun rights activist John Snyder explains
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I'll call B.S.
BS. First, the President does not have the ability to make law, or to amend existing law. In this case, the 1934 National Firearms Act. Secondly, what exactly is a "Class 2" or "Class II" firearm? A class II SOT is the license for someone that is a manufacturer of NFA firearms.

Would BHO like to see a renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban? Damn skippy he would. But the Prez does not INITIATE legislation. That belongs to Congress.
Maybe the prez can do anything under National Security...and use the shootings as of late for that.
B.S. Just a rumor stirred up by the anti Obama republicans in order to get the ignorant masses stirred up. Don't fall for it.
this is just like the 500% gun and ammo tax
B.S. Just a rumor stirred up by the anti Obama republicans in order to get the ignorant masses stirred up. Don't fall for it.
maybe I'm an ignorant masses.
if we could of put half the effort into defeating osamaobama this past election that some people are putting into anti-gun fear mongering we could of sent osamaobama to the unemployment line
Although I would have to see it happen before I believed it.......I wouldn't put it past him to try using an Executive Order.

He's done it on other things.

Funny thing is all these people that are trying to keep the panic buying going have no facts. Like opaww said we need to put half the effort into keeping the people we need in office. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if gun and ammo manufacturers didn't contribute a substantial sum into Obama's campaign. After all Obama might go down in history as the best gun salesman ever. And he hasn't managed to pass a single piece of anti-gun legislation. In fact, he has said laws that were proposed duplicated laws already on the books. Lets enforce the laws we have on the books.

The only thing in the current market that concerns me is bump stocks. All it will take is some wacko to kill a couple people with one then semi-autos could become fair game, instead of the bump stocks.
Gents- until someone has a credible source, I am going to pull the plug on this.
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