Diberville military collectors show!

Discussion in 'Mississippi Gun Forum' started by Gizord1, Apr 18, 2013.

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    So, this Saturday (April 20, 2013), is the twice yearly diberville military collectors show. It trumps all local gun shows, hands down. I have been attending both the April and October shows for about 3 years, and it never cease to amaze me. I have scored a ton of collectible and gear here, and unlike the gun shows (*cough coliseum cough*), its honest collectors who will chat and trade with you and not try to BS you some cheap junk. It's at the diberville civic center, by auto mall parkway. It's 12-5 on Friday, and 9-4 on Saturday, admission is $5. I will be there with my good bud FTF user Zschnieder.
    It's a great event that's not crowded and sells real deal stuff, with some once-in-a-lifetime stuff and displays. The local GI museum usually shows up with some vehicles, as well. So come out and check out the show!
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    Old thread I know, but any more info on this show? Do they still hold it?