Diamonhead sights - thoughts?

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  1. Todd_

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    So, as usual, I was looking at fun porn and saw someone mention these. I had heard the name before, and the concept IMMEDIATELY struck me as superior to standard iron sights. Standard irons you are lining the top of a post in a circle, and while doable win great accuracy, that takes not only time but a hell of a lot of experience.

    The diamond head design looks to be unbelievable fast, I believe a study of the human mind showed that it's much quicker to line up straight lines such as a box within a box then curved, such as a circle in a circle or, look at that, a post within a circle. I really, REALLY like those sights.

    Does anyone have any feedback on them? Are they as good as I'm thinking they are? Are they high quality, and what is the companies customer service like?

  2. AgentTikki

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    I found that it took a little getting used to lining them up. With time and repetition they now are second nature.

    I don't shoot with irons much, but these sights really do make much more sense to me. I never liked having to guess if my front sight post was dead center in the rear aperture. It is just hard to tell. With the Diamond heads, its just makes sense.

    Its so much easier lining up the corners of the box. You will always be able to tell if its aligned left to right by indexing the bottom corner, and high low by indexing the side corners.

    The grey square is the rear aperture, the black parts are the front sight post and the two guards around the FSP. Its pretty crazy how nicely it all indexes whether you are using the larger or smaller rear aperture.

    They are solidly constructed, like my Troys. Never had an issue yet (I only have 1 set) so don't know anything about their customer service. They do have a distinct advantage over the Troy DOAs. You don't have to worry about stowing them and scratching up your rail, like you do with the DOAs.

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