Diamondback after trip to Cocoa Fla.

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by franco45, Oct 31, 2010.

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    I just got my DB380 back from the factory where it was sent for trigger and feed problems. it is an early model from the ZA series. They replaced the trigger and extractor. I have sent about 150 rounds down range with only 1 failure to reset. It now eats up Fiochi jhp which it would not before. Has any one else sent their DB back to the manufacturer? And what have your results beem? I want to trust this little gun.
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    IMO, I would not buy a firearm unless I could trust it.

  3. billdeserthills

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    You are funny Dan,
    How would you know until you try the gun you own until after you own it?
    You can rent a gun & try it, but that one won't be the actual gun you own.
    I like to make sure I can trust my gun by breaking it in with a box of ammo. I allow one FTF in the first box, and shoot a second box then allowing no malfunctions. Since I also am a locksmith/gun dealer and that makes me paranoid, I carry several guns & knives. I know I can count on my gun to work because I have a lot of guns & I would not carry most of them for self defense.