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    From: Alan Korwin's, Page Nine; No. 78 - Guns Gone Missing

    Guns Gone Missing

    The lamestream media told you:

    The Dept. of Homeland Security, run by Janet Napolitano, has lost nearly 300 firearms from 2006 to 2008, with some ending up in the hands of gangbangers, kids, felons, and other miscreants, according to USA Today.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    This is not terribly surprising since all federal agencies lose guns on a regular basis. What is surprising was the revelation that the department has 190,000 guns, but only 185,000 workers. If you go through an airport or anywhere where these taxpayer-supported jihadi-resistance workers work, you know very few bear arms. That's a lot of guns for the limited percentage of DHS people that carry. The media talks about civilians stockpiling ammo, you have to wonder how much ammo DHS has stockpiled for the 190,000 guns we bought for them.
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    Thanks! Very scary! Now the biggest question, where are the weapons and ammo stockpiled that have not gone into the wrong hands? You see the TSA and not one has a weapon or weapons. Mostly LE patrolling the airport as assigned duty.

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    I think the number I read was 247, but its still too damn many!

    That should result in 247 criminal charges of endangering the public.
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    I want to know how many of the 185,000 employees are actually certified to carry a firearm that is issued by the department. I can see having 2 per every undercover agent on a flight or train, but that still does not add up. You know the admin assistants, cpu geeks and other non field agent staff are not issued firearms.
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    The Dep't of Feel Good Homeland Insecurity was not run by Napolitano in 06-08. It was run by that lover of illegal immigrants, Mr. Chertoff. Not that it matters much; those agencies routinely lose their weapons regardless of who is running the agency.
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    Guys, Homeland Security is not just TSA, it also includes, Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Coast Guard, Secret Service (squirrels), etc. Lots of gun toters there. It seems like almost every week we are getting messages about this agency (of all types - Fed, State, or local) or that that has had equipment stolen. Heck, Az even had computers and 1000's of blank titles and driver's license stock stolen.
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    If any one of us had a gunstore and had "missing" firearms, we would lose the FFL lic., get investigated on all transactions for the last 2 years. It happened a couple years ago to a shop over in Spokane..

    I guess the Govt. seem to think " Do as we say, not as we do"..
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    Geez, my first post back and it has to be this one..

    Ok, Listen up guys and get your heads out of your brown zone. It's not like the federal government just puts their weapons out on the coffee table and forget to pick them up when they go to the bathroom or home. For the past 20 years I have been a primary firearms Instructor and responsible for, at times, up to 100 to 150 extra weapons above the individual weapon that is issued to each officer. This is just for my agency which has over 28,000 armed officers. Each PFI in each Field Office has extra weapons that are necessary for encountered problems (broken, stolen, new officer). Every officer is issued his weapon and the data is tracked through a computer system. Each officer is responsible for the weapon and each year they must inventory the weapon in the tracking system and it must be verified by a Supervisor. Additionally, 5 years ago our agency placed an RFID chip in each weapon that contains the issue date, officer name, assigned location and all maintenance data. Weapons may be lost through officer neglect or stolen from an officer’s home during a burglary. We take weapons security very seriously in my agency. Now we also have long guns (shotguns and AR15’s) that add to the number of weapons we have available for our use on duty and again they are accounted for in the same way individual officers weapons are accounted for the difference is the PFI is responsible for these weapons and accomplishing the yearly inventory and verification. Now I don’t know the ins and outs of each individual Agencies policies on weapons inventory and maybe some aren’t as attentive as ours but I do know that all that I have worked with (DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, Capitol Police, Marshals, Park Police) all require strict accountability for their weapons. I am stating this as fact about the department’s policies that I stated above from 20 + years personal experience, not an “I heard that “or “a friend told me” or “I heard on the news” report. With that said sure some weapons are lost by stupid and dumb mistakes some officers make like leaving them hanging on the back of a bathroom door when taking a necessary break or leaving them unsecured in a vehicle and the vehicle is stolen. But I will tell you that the officers/Agents that do these dumb things are held responsible for the loss and receive disciplinary action and depending on the circumstances may and some have lost their jobs.

    So let’s not go overboard on some lame a** news report that is sensationalizing on weapon numbers and lost gun reports.
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    In 24 years (so far) in the Army I have seen one (thats 1) weapon get "lost". And my feeling is it was stolen. That is dealing with God knows how many weapons in the units I have been in. It is a significant emotional experience when a weapon goes missing for us. You lock down the entire unit and start searching. Nobody goes ANYWHERE for as long as it takes. But I know we do things differently, probably take it a little more seriously than other organizations. And no, Im not talking about belt fed machine guns, Im talking about good ole M9s (a Beretta 9mm pistol) usually. Occasionally we have to look for an M4 for a while. But thats just my experience.
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