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    I have a custom rifle that I just purchased. Problem is I don't know anything or have been able to find out anything about the builder. The action is marked Deutsche-Waffen UND Munitionsfabriken and the barrel is marked Wurzer-Peterson. The serial number of the action is a four digit starting with 49XX. The barrel was also marked 257 and was crossed out and remaked 25-06. It has a unertal 6x scope and a Griffen and Howe claw mount. Anybody have any information on this set and what it might be worth. Thanks, Bob
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    DWM was a wartime conglomerate that produced Mauser K-98 rifles. That is likely the source of the receiver. The barrel was likely a custom one although I am unfamiliar with Wurzer-Peterson. Most likely originally chambered for .257 roberts and rechambered for 25-06. As the scope and mount are valuable it would bump up the value. Likely in the $400-$600 range.

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    Wurzer peterson

    I also have a Wurzer & Peterson rifle. I have owned it now for almost 40 year. I was once told that it was made by Sedgly. It is chambered for 30-06. It was just by chance that I detected the small name stamped in the barrel. My rifle is a Springfield Action. The fit and finish is just perfect. It is also trimed in all steel with very nice hand checkering.It is also fited with adjustable rear peep sight. It shoots and handels like a dream. I have had a local appraser tell me that it was worth $1200.00. I wish I could als find more information out about it.