Detroit Police Chief interview on Conceal Carry

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    This is a new interview
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    Yes I saw the interview with the Chief! I was very impressed to say the least with his position on conceal carry in Detroit, Michigan. He certainly has a lot of experience working on several large metro police departments. I just wonder how long it will be before the Democratic machine in Detroit which is without doubt anti-gun, starts attacking him in an attempt to remove him from office. Seems to be the mode of operation for the party and includes our present administration and Chicago politics theory. Everyone needs to support him regarding his views on CCW and support for the Second Amendment. Every sporting and shooting club should not forget and advise him of their support. When we all start realizing there is strength in numbers we will be better off! He certainly is a rarity in the International Police Chiefs Association regarding the political chiefs of most large jurisdictions. Here is the article I found:

    On January 2nd, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that "good community members who have concealed weapons permits" (CCWs) deter crime and save lives.
    Craig admitted he did not have this view when he worked as a police officer in Los Angeles for 28 years because he never got to see concealed carry in action: "It takes an act of Congress to get a concealed carry permit" in Los Angeles.

    But according to The Detroit News, when Craig moved from the LAPD to Portland, Maine--"where they give out lots of CCWs"--he realized that criminals in Maine were hesitant because they knew "good Americans were armed."

    Craig said upon first arriving in Maine, CCW permit applications stacked up on his desk because "that was [his] orientation"; he had been conditioned to think that CCWs were of little value, so his efforts to approve applications were minimal. That changed, however, as he paid attention to crime stats; now, as Detroit Chief of Police, he is praising the advantage of an armed citizenry.

    To be clear, Craig still supports many facets of gun control, but it is encouraging to see an urban police chief openly applaud CCWs.

    Seventy-seven-year old Detroit citizen Willie White agrees with Craig. White's home had been broken into "several times" before he decided to arm himself; he shot and killed "an 18-year old intruder" in March 2012. White said he has had no more break-ins.
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    I actually think the Chief's job is safe.

    There are some serious positive changes taking place in Detroit. The new mayor is no nonsense and has real world business experience. The emergency manager is taking no prisonors. As long as the Reverend doesn't follow through with his plan to burn the city to the ground, this might actually get turned around.