Designing an entirely new gun case, need your opinion!

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    I'm collecting consumer research for a totally new and alternative series of stylish pistol cases.


    When I bought my EJERCITO ARGENTINO colt cal. 11.25mm model, its beautiful blue finish didn't fit any of the monotone boring black plastic/silver metal cases on the market. I wanted a case that complimented my gun, not to hide it in a generic case under my desk. Salute cases is all conforming to and flattering the look of your gun, rather than just protecting it. Consumers spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on the their guns, why would you hide it's beauty in the same cheap case everyone has?


    Here's what I'm thinking, design wise:
    Taking the tough exterior of vintage WWII ammo boxes, and infusing it with a cleaner modern protective touch. The case would be high quality wood, but have a metal reinforcement on the inside. The gun's finish would be protected by high quality foam on the inside. And, of course, have a sturdy numerical lock on the outside.


    Salute cases isn't just for decoration--and it's not just for protection. It's about making a lifestyle statement that says you care about your gun and your proud of it.

    What do you think?

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    Can't see any of the pictures.

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    have you ever seen the effects of a gun case on the finish of a gun when it's been left for extended periods of time?

    it causes rust. gun cases are for transportation and protection during transport and temporary storage only. when they are left for extended periods of time, rust will form on the metal surfaces.

    unless you have come up with some sort of lining that won't allow rust to form, or inhibits it, it really doesn't matter what the outside of the case looks like. i am sure others are like me, in that we are not going to put an expensive or inexpensive gun into a case and later on, open it up to find the gun rusted.

    your idea is novel and might appeal to some collectors, but until you come up with an interior lining that won't cause rusting of the gun, it just isn't going to work.
  4. JonM

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    i would recommend a completely synthetic hydrophobic liner like you find in high end gun safes.

    foam lining is cheap and holds moisture making a gun rust snappy quick.

    the benefit of foam and why you find it in pistol cases and rifle cases is it does a superb job of protecting a firearm in transit.

    locks on a portable case do not mean much to me since the thief is not going to hang around trying to pick the lock they are just going to make off with it.

    my feedback as a person with a lot of guns is i probably would not be interested as mine are kept in a safe if they arent being used or out for self defense reasons.

    what i look for in a case is two things for two different purposes. one i want a rugged as hell case that will protect my firearms if its dropped off the empire state building. pelican is the gold standard for this

    orrrr i want a very lightweight case for carrying multiple guns to and from the range. my pref is for condor cases in this usage.

    i do not use cases for displaying firearms. i do not put them out for show.

    others may have a different opinion.

    i think your idea has some merit as packaging for new gun sales. you might want to sound out gun makers with it but they are going to want rust inhibitor linings for long term storage
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    I thought a case was just for transport. For me, if the case is properly fitted to the gun and protects it, done deal. I doubt and collector will store it in a case, either. Most likely it's in a safe. Although, if you make the case match the gun, and use the latest "trendy" styles, you might get the women segment of the market.
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    Welcome to the forum. You got some 'honest' answers here.

    Be sure to drop by the introductions. Others will be along to greet you.

    I'll have to join the "wouldn't use that case" crowd. The days of fancy presentation belong only to those that can afford a secure room.

    I'd love to have an open rifle rack for all to see.. .. maybe years ago, but mine are locked up also. SAD. they are so beautiful.