Derringer for Personal Protection

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Pistolero, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Pistolero

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    Is a derringer a good weapon choice for personal protection? I like to go jogging at night and want to be able to have a gun in my pocket thats easy to carry.
  2. robocop10mm

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    Never. Derringers are curios, collectables, cute little things that are best left to the shadow box.

    You can find relable 5 shot revolvers or 6-7 shot semi-autos in .380-.38spl that weigh about the same and offer much more protection than a two shooter.

  3. deerhuntguy

    deerhuntguy New Member

    I agree with Robo; a small revolver or semi-auto in .380 or .38 spcl. would be a much better choice, to say nothing of the potential liability issues for using a single action pistol (the exact same that would be brought up in a Civil matter if you used a single action revolver.)
    That said, however, a derringer is much better than nothing. I would suggest an American Derringer, Model 1 or 3, in a large caliber - .45 LC at a minimum. Bad guys do not like to see a big hole(s) pointed at them, and are more likely to run than with a small hole pointed at them.
  4. pioneer461

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    As a primary self defense gun, not a good idea. Limited to 2 shots in most cases, clumsy to reload, not accurate, larger calibers have very hard recoil, limited range and poor performance because they dump thier energy out of the short barrels. Good advise from robocop and deerhuntguy.

    Having said all that, I have always owned a derringer, and sometimes carry one as a back-up. They can be fun to shoot and are better than nothing, but never as a primary firearm. Get a good light weight, hammerless .38 cal. snubby.
  5. JoeLee

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    Within 6',in 45 caliber yes,but I do prefer more than 2 rounds for protecting me,in any caliber.
  6. sixgunner

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    Derringers are really designed to be physically touching the "bad guy" when used. They are belly guns, or guns you are supposed to force into the belly and angled upward before firing.

    Personally, I don't want to get that close.
  7. Splatter

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    Sure we'd all rather carry a Mossberg 590 when the crap hits the fan; but I wouldn't feel naked with a derringer in my pocket.
    Most derringers are available in calibers that will outperform the .25ACP and the .32 ACP that I carried when the weather or my dress didn't permit anything larger. Is a 6 shot .25 really better than 2 shot .44 special?

    Nah, practice with your derringer, find it's limits and yours, and be happy with your choice.