Denver Special Regs?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by cmj685, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hope this is the right forum and please pardon me if it is not--newby to this forum. But I know I will find expertise anywhere I go on the forum. Wondering if anyone could give me a quick primer on any special Denver rules and regs that I might need to know to visit Denver as a concealed carry permit holder? I have to be in Denver for three days next week--my first visit to the city--and I have heard occasionally that Denver (or at least Boulder and other areas perhaps) have at various times tried to institute rules and regs for concealed carry above and beyond state law. If there are any I need to know, could I get a quick education so I don't end up in jail? Thanks!
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    Although I cannot assist you with laws, I think you are doing the correct thing in trying to find info.

    Good move on your part!

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    Agreed, I'm sure google can assist you in this. The state and counties should have websites with the laws or at least phone numbers that can put you in touch with the people that can educate you. :cool: