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    There is a little truth to every conspiracy theory and this DIA thing has me intrigued. What is your take on DIA?

    I went through it in the mid-'90s as they were finishing it. I never went through baggage handling, so I never saw the creepy mural, however, I did use the underground subway. While in the subway and underground tunnels associated with it, I experienced flashing lights and strange sounds that made me feel nauseous and lulled me into a sense of complacency. At the time, I chocked it up to jet lag.

    These lights and sounds are largely overlooked by conspiracy theorist and only happen when in the publicly open areas of the underground complex. I $700 million automated baggage system that snakes through the underground complex, which some report as being as deep as 6 levels, has been completely abandoned, with no plans to revive the system. Is this possibly an automated delivery system?

    Is DIA the new Greenbriar Hotel? Why has the roof been constructed to counter radar and thermal imaging? Why does it have the longest runway in the US and the 3rd longest in the world?
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    Are you talking about the new DIA or the old DIA? I have flown threw both of them. Not sure how white canvas on the new one is made to reflect radar and all that.

  3. matt g

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    It isn't canvas, it's a composite.
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    I don't have any take on it. I have not read anything about it. Do you have some sources that I could read?
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    Google "DIA mural" but be prepared to wade through some bizarre conspiracy theories to get the core facts.

    Summary points:

    bizarre mural
    surveillance proof coated composite roof
    underground city consisting of about 4 levels
    $2 million automated conveyor system throughout the airport that was "abandoned"
    strange lights and sounds in publicly accessible areas
    strange fences
    unnecessarily long runway
    proximity to Cheyenne Mountain
    construction process similar to the Greenbrier Hotel, which up until the time that construction began on the airport, was the hide out for the government in case of nuclear apocalypse
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    Runway Length

    Per my friend @ United's training center...they are that long due to density big, heavy jets can take off with a safety margin to stop, at the mile high city on a hot summer day when the jets don't perform as well until they get more speed and altitude.

    That makes sense ! It allows non-stop international travelers to take off with fully loaded aircraft and max fuel when its hot outside !
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    Why does it need to be longer than the runways at Buckley and Lowery AFBs? How did the planes get in and out of Stapleton?
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    F.E Warren/Cheyenne Mountain/Denver Airport

    I wonder if there's any connection between the three; besides the obvious. F.E. Warren was this nation's first ICBM base and continues to be one of the few that has ONLY missiles, no aircraft. Minuteman III missiles under the watch of F. E. Warren, (the 90th Missile Wing under US Air Force Space Command), sit in silos scattered across 12,600 miles of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

    food for thought, if you're into that
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    Lowery AFB runways were closed in 1966. There has been a big change in passenger aircraft since then. I recall landing there in 1957 as a passenger in a C-119 and the runway did not seem any too long when we took off even then.

    Buckley’s runway is not very long by modern standards either. It was used mainly for Fighter aircraft IIRC.

    Stapleton’s runway was getting to be too short (because of newer aircraft)and there were plans to try to extend the runway but there was a problem because the extension would have encroched Rocky Mountain Arsenal lands.