Democrats in the NRA

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by ckbig, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. ckbig

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    Do you know any Dem's in the NRA? Seems ridiculous to me.

    What if Hillary was in it?
  2. dtroyb

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    Al Gore is a lifetime member. It's honorary and was given back in the early 80s.

    The NRA is about supporting the 2nd amendment so I am sure there are democrats who support the cause and are members. There are a lot of democrats out there who don't support the democrats' platform they just can't bring themselves to become republicans. Particularly here in the south, I live in Noth Carolina.
    Frankly, I don't think either party really serves the needs of the people. Since I believe in the Constituion and 2nd ammendment is the one that protects all the others I am pretty much a one issue voter. I vote for the one that is going to protect our firearms rights regardless of party.
    There is a great group here in NC called Grass Roots North Carolina that keeps a close I eye on everyones voting record on the isuue and makes recommendations on there stance on firearms.

  3. Declaration Day

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    I know a few Democrats who are avid shooters and NRA members. They're also Union workers, who feel obligated to vote Democrat. They are one-issue voters for organized labor, just as we are for RKBA.