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    So me and some friends were talking about the M1 Carbine 'cause one of 'em got one recently,and the design/development phase came around in discussion,and we got to talking about a man called "Carbine" Williams.

    Some of the old timers here might know about this guy.

    His real name was David M. Williams,and David was a ex-convict,convicted of murder no less,who designed the gas system used in the M1 while still serving his sentence.

    After his release,he was hired by none less then Winchester after a glowing recommendation by none less then General Julian Hatcher (you know,the guy who wrote "Hatcher's Notebook","Book of The Garand",etc) himself.

    Imagine that!

    Imagine if the GCA68 had applied back then?

    Winchester wouldn't have been able to hire this man!

    America would have been without a very splendid service weapon that gave over 30 years of service!

    The irony is so thick here you can cut it with a knife.

    What was once a nation that believed in inalienable rights AS PROVEN by a ex-convict murderer being hired by Winchester after being released from serving his time to help develop a service weapon as prominent as the M1 Carbine,is now a place where ownership of weapons is a government regulated privilege as construed by a plagiarized law from a regime which that very rifle was instrumental in taking down,and this is being justified by activists in black robes in direct contradiction to known history itself.

    What a bunch of bull****!!!!!
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    Didn't John Moses Browning design and build his first gun at age 11? Today, him and his parents would be arrested.
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    I've had occasion to shoot an M1 Carbine at the range once,when I was working with my AK and a gentleman had one there.

    I had a plastic bag dancing in the air at 50 yards or so with that thing,it was so fast and accurate.

    Wouldn't trade my beloved AK for one,but I still wouldnt mind having one for my own.:D