Defensive Pistol Training Chicago / Lombard - May / June

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    Defensive Pistol Training - Take your Concealed Carry Training to the next level.

    This is Day 1 of 3 Defensive Pistol. Day 1 includes the following:

    3 hours on the range.

    Deploying and shooting from a holster.
    Speed and tactical reloads.
    Malfunction drills.
    Stepping out of line of fire, beginning to move and shoot.
    Shoot, Scan, Assess.
    Stress Inoculation.
    Various drills to improve your skills and push your out of your comfort zone.

    (Day 2 & 3, to be scheduled, will build upon the skills learned day 1 and will include more movement, unorthodox shooting positions, one handed shooting and reloads.)

    If you are interested here is the following schedule:

    Saturday May 24th 12:30pm-3:30pm.

    Tuesday May 27th 11am-2pm.

    Thursday June 5th 6pm-9pm.

    Classes will be at Article II, Lombard, on their private range.

    As additional dates are scheduled, they will be added to the calendar at:

    Student Requirements and Additional details about this class can be found on my website at:

    Please feel free to ask if any questions.