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Defensive Carbine 1
Foxboro MA
Course Cost; $195

To sign up -

If you need a firearm or any other equipment we will provide that FREE of charge for our classes. We also provide ammo at our cost

This course is designed to teach and reinforce the basics of modern manipulation techniques for the AR15/M4 Carbine platform. Our instructor staff will put you through the paces and provide you with real-world techniques being utilized by military and law enforcement units.

General Course Curriculum:

B​asic maintenance and disassembly
Breakdown of Weapons System and how it functions
Zeroing and Basic Ballistics
Rifle Marksmanship Skills
Immediate Action and Remedial Action
Tactical Reloads
Combat Reloads
Shooting positions
Reaction Drills
Introduction to movement while shooting
Introduction to Dynamic Movement
Introduction to transitioning to secondary weapon system

Required Equipment:

Functional AR15 type rifle. (AK platform OK)
3 Functional Magazines Minimum
Handgun with belt mounted holster
Rig capable of carrying magazines
350 rounds of ammunition for rifle / 50 for pistol

To see your instructors -

To sign up for the class -
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