Defense for Car Jacking?

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    What defense is there to stop a carjacking. I have had two cars stolen. One from work and one out of my driveway. Living North of Detroit in the suburbs, I am seeing many crimes commited by people from Detroit and although I have not been carjacked yet, I am wondering if there is any defense against someone getting the drop on me. One guy a few miles away driving the same car I plan to drive was carjacked, beaten and left for dead. Saved his own life by crawling to a neighbors house for help. I already have a health problem, (Diabetes), and sure don't want to get myself injured. I am aware there is an obvious cure which is to just move from my lifelong home but I cannot do that right now so any ideas would be welcome. BTW, a 50 cal would look to weird mounted to my hood.


    Defense to Carjacking?



    While I do carry 24/7, I find a Handgun a bit slow and not easy to use, I've opted to carry 20% O.C. Spray in a Rack in the Car. I had one attempt at A robery while in my Car and I sprayed him a FULL CAN! Green Dye in that 20% OC made it hard to say it was not himn when he went for help at the Local Hospital Clinic! LOL Worked for me, You might wanna consider that! Better than Killing someone when you really don't have to?

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    I keep a pistol with me in the vehical, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to stop a carjacker. From what I have read training is the best way to be prepared. There are defense classes that you can take for any scenario. Just having the right wepon may not always be enough. I think taking control of the situation away from the would be theif would be the goal in that situation.
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    BE Aware of your surroundings !

    Keep the windows up and doors locked. Be aware when stopped or slowing down of who and what you are driving into. Try and leave an out or escape route. If someone is walking up to your car...make eye contact and lay on the horn to get everybody elses attention if you feel they may mean you harm.
    If they have the drop on you...sound you slam the door open with all your yelling heres my you reach under your left arm pit to your shoulder holster and shoot them thru your over garment.!

    Car jackers ususlly want just the car....if you drive a crook magnent or a look at me I have money mobile...consider changing vehicles or driving thru a different neighborhood ! can always accomplish more with a smile and a pistol than you can with just a smile !:D
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    While I no longer carry (pretty much impossible for a civilian in Canada, so far anyway), Both the shoulder holster and a crossdraw rig would have been used in much the same manner as Dgunsmith envisions. as one exits the vehicle present your back to the badguy(s), look over your shoulder and wreck your jacket.
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    hehehehehe!!! :D
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    Ditto what dgunsmith said.

    Plus; Leave yourself an escape route. If you are in traffic, try and stay in a lane, usually on the right, which will allow you room to maneuver. Drive on sidewalk, if you must. Don't stop too close to the car ahead of you. If you are at a stop light, run it. Keep your doors locked and windows up.

    Having a firearm can be an advantage, but sometimes it is quicker and easier to simply drive away. Basic survival is situational awareness and avoiding places of possible trouble. Sometimes it is unavoidable to find yourself vulnerable. In that case, let 'em have your insurance company's car.
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    Keep in mind your vehicle may not stay running, and prepare accordingly.

    I know of situations where a group came up to a car, shoved something up the exhaust to kill the engine, then robbed the people inside (after needlessly beating them).

    As already said, be aware of your surroundings.
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    +1 to hit the horn at the first inkling of trouble!

    So many people are frightened of being rude or looking like an idiot. The horn is there for you to use as communication. Be aware of your surroundings and before a situation can evolve hit your horn and draw that attention. I'd rather be embarrased than car-less!!

    If you are caught while daydreaming then every situation will probably be different. One great solution but a paranoid one is to mount a small can of pepper spray to your door near the electronic door lock. This way it is out of sight of the perp (as long as they approach from the driver's side or front) and it looks like you are complying with their wishes. Using velcro allows removal when you leave the car. Hint: use the soft side of the velcro on the pepper spray so it doesn't stick to other stuff in your pocket.
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    Diddo on keeping doors locks and windows up, I am a big fan of air-conditioning and heated seats.

    My car usually has lots of guns (handguns in a bolted down safe), knifes and ammo in the trunk. With that said I am not prepared to let the car go. Most of the time I have an ankle holster on while driving and see this as my first line of defense if I can not escape a car-jacking situation. If there were no weapons in my car I'd gladly exit my car and let them have it, that's what insurance is for right!
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    IF He Grabs your car door he needs killing :mad:
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    leaving room

    leaving room is very important it should be done always, not only in case of a car jacking, leaving room when driving or stopped allows for manueverability in case of trouble. getting hit from behind doesnt throw you into the car in front of you, and it allows you the ability to move if necessary. outside lanes with room are even better because that allows you to gun it.
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    Agree keep your distance at lights and stop signs. always give yourself an out..

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    I had a buddy that hid a pushbutton switch on the floor beside
    the drive and if the switch wasnt on the fuel pump wouldnt work.
    Comply with all demands.
    Give em the car and before you exit reach down and tap the
    switch and then run away from the car.

    The car will run terrible or stall very quickly leaving the thieves
    frustrated. Then you can slowly stalk the bad guys as they
    are trying to get the car running with your drawn pistol
    and shoot their kneecaps off and or the top of the arch in
    their feet. Unless they are armed or threatening.
    Of course if that is the case then head shots called for.
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    Happened to me

    I was in Ft. Lauderdale taking my friend home from the airport around midnight. I pulled up to a stop light and soon I saw the car next to me bolt right through the red light. I thought, "that is very strange." Right then the passenger door was open and my friend(mind you shes weighs about 95 pounds) tried to pull it back shut and lock it. She did pull it shut but she did not get it locked. Before I could react my door was opened and a hand reached across my chest grabbed my shirt and and tried to pull me out. I threw it into first, peeled off, and the door slammed shut. The James Bond getaway was pretty sweet since no one was hurt. Unfortunately it could have ended with the girl or me in a body bag. Lesson #1 Lock doors. Lesson #2 Leave Space to Bail. Lesson #3 If you have a gun know how to use it.
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    A friend of mine got carjacked with his 10 year old, nearly deaf, German Shepard in the back seat. The dog knew the sound of the car door, and could still hear it, so when the hole closed the door, Alphie arose, and he was not happy. Car jacker had an issue with a big, mad dog in a small space.

    Arrested at the hospital. Your mileage may vary.
  17. Defender

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    As others have mentioned, keep doors locked and windows up at all times. When you're at stoplights, in parking lots etc., keep your eyes peeled. Scan your surroundings and rearview mirrors intensely.

    Be sure you're packing a big enough caliber handgun to get the job done. If you're able to get the drop on the perps, shoot to kill. Don't pop off a round in the air to try and scare them away, and don't just try to wound them by aiming for their leg or something.

    True story: A guy I know looked in his side mirror and saw a carjacker trying to sneak up to his door at a stoplight. He opened the door and popped off a round to try and scare the perp away.

    The perp ran back to his accomplice's car, and they took off. So my aquaintance starts driving down the road thinking the perps were gone for good. All of a sudden the perps pulled up beside him and caught him by surprise.

    One of them opened fire on him, and caught him in the thigh with a hollow point. He fired back and they took off, but the damage was done. The hollow point is still in his thigh to this day, because his surgeon told him it was lodged too close to a major nerve to risk removing it.

    The police also impounded his car for several weeks, so he had to rent a car at considerable expense to himself, and he told me he pretty much had to jump through hoops to get it back. To add insult to injury, the perps were never caught, and the cops also investigated him since they thought the incident might be a "dispute" amongst drug dealers.

    Fortunately, he came up clean. He learned his lesson though. He told me if something like that ever happens to him again, he's going to shoot to kill the FIRST time.
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    Friend was going home very early one morning, and a whole bunch walked across the street figuring he would stop. NOT, he just floored it and he laughted his A** off as they scrambled.
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    I have never had someone try to car-jack me before, but if I did I think that I would turn the car off and throw the keys into the passenger seat and tell them its all theirs. Once I was out of the vehicle I would draw on them and tell them to get out on the ground or get shot.

    But like I said I have never been in the situation so I have no idea how well my plan would go over.
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    there are alot of ppl out there that need killing
    but if they get to close than there dun in my book i will take my chances in front of a jury of my peers