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  1. Voltron

    Voltron Guest

    What different deer hunting methods does everyone here use?

    strap-on tree stand / big wooden built deer stands / walking around?

    Also is it possible to chase down a deer and tired it out?
  2. 1984cj

    1984cj New Member

    I either sit on the ground, use a climbing stand or sit in a shooting house. Depends on where I am and whats available to me.

    Not likely on foot! Not real likely in a Jeep or 4 wheeler. Maybe with dogs. But I don't hunt with dogs so I can't really say.

  3. Tilt

    Tilt New Member

    like 1984cj, you have to be flexible, and adapt to the situation. A nice big box blind is good, especially if you have a young or inexeperienced hunter with you, but if you aren't seeing any deer, you may have to scout and find a "better" spot. Tree stands and sitting on the ground give you alot of choices. It just comes down to what you prefer.
  4. longshot

    longshot Guest

    In the area I hunt I use a "spot and stalk" method. The wide open sandhills make it difficult to set up a stand and wait for a deer to wonder in range. A good spotting scope or binos is must have for this method. I have hunted along the Missouri River using strap on tree stands. This method required a lot of preseason scouting to understand and map deer patterns, not to mention some guess work to figure out their patterns during harvest and after.
  5. CRAZY64

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    I use a fixed tree stand in my area for Bow hunting but during rifle season my hunting partner and I use a stalk and shoot method. We are in an area with wide fields and valleys so we usually have a good lane of fire if we see our game. Both of us have been long rage shooting for years and have taken several white tails this way.
  6. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    Treestands are very rare

    In my part of the woods, but I have encountered a few abandoned ones &
    even used one to harvest a deer 10 years ago near Spirit Lake! But, the area
    around it got clearcut the next year rendering it useless! I found a very old
    one near St Maries this year but it was too unsafe to use & it was located
    much above the elevation that the few elk in the area were frequenting! The
    "still hunting" method is the most popular way of harvesting game here...
    as long as there "is game to hunt"! I could have harvested a very nice buck,
    this season... but, I still have a lot of deer meat in the freezer!:D
  7. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    I normally hang-out in trees like the primate I am whether it be with firearm or archery equipment. This year I can see the food plot from the bedroom window and I might try taking one in my jammies, although, I think they have to be at least 50% blaze orange.
  8. Jay

    Jay New Member

    Well sir, if I could find a 63 year-old deer, I might consider trying it. I'd have to have proof of age first......:rolleyes:
  9. Walley

    Walley New Member


    I have always hunted from a stand. At the age of 73 tree stands are out so we have two permanent stands on our property. They both have been productive since we built them eight years ago. For the last five years I have filled my tag on opening day from the same stand. This year I will try the other stand because the deer are coming out of the grove and pass right by it going out to feed in the alfalfa field and corn stubble. For some reason they come back in across our front yard and usually stop and raise hell with my wife’s bird feeders. Because we are in a mainly agricultural area they don’t pay much attention to human scent or farm equipment, which makes things much easer.
  10. Fisherking

    Fisherking New Member

    Durring bow season I use a tree stand but durring riffle seasion I usaly still hunt out to alikely spot than I hunt from the ground. I may move a few time throughout the day . I move slow and carefull watching were I put each foot till I get were I want to go.
    If the leaves are to crunchy I may walk fast and get were I'm going in the least amount of time and than just sit there all day and try to be a hole in the air. scent elimanation is a big part of my game. It has worked for me in the past.
    The start of every new seasion is like Christmas eve You never know what you are going to get , A lump of coal or a new train set.
  11. ninjatoth

    ninjatoth New Member

    I hunt in the thick woods of Michigan,with not many nearby fields and the deer only give you seconds to shoot.I have a permanent ground blind near their regular trail,it's plastic and don't move with the wind,I basically just sit pretty still all morning,no calls,antlers,bait or scents.I like the challenge,yet I feel like it's easy with that blind,I can move more than just open hunting.Deer come in and when they are 40-25 yards I take them down with my late grandfather's .444 Marlin.
  12. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    Ouch! (My late grandfathers .444 Marlin)?

    I was a young twentysomething when Marlin introduced that cartridge!
  13. Neophyte1

    Neophyte1 New Member


    I enjoy hiding around on the ground. { "only" when I'm confident with other hunters around} The most fun; seeing how close I can get to the game. It isn't about the kill; more:) about the adventures:)
  14. glockman55

    glockman55 Well-Known Member

    I too use a climber, ladder stand, and pop up ground blind...depends on the weather, area and season.
  15. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    Hey Glockman 55 welcome to the forum and I hope you find your way.
  16. SemperRogue

    SemperRogue New Member

    I'm out west, high desert if you will, and deer populations are definitely scattered and difficult to find.

    I usually find a big hill or overlook and glass. Maybe walk the entire hill and glass all directions until I find "something". Early morning and dusk are usually promising.

    Run it down afterwards. Sometime we converge most times, well.. at least I knew they were in the area.

    Water sources work on occasion. Other than that, maybe just "squaring" an area and hoping I hit a hot track or the animal itself. Random hunting I call it. "Squaring" is just that, walk so many yards or minutes that way, make a turn do it again and hopefully come back to where you started.

    These methods work for me and I'm sure some have better ones. I like to find different herds or individuals and logged them for future reference. It helps when I have an idea where a fork hangs out and I have no qualms about bagging him when I'm on my last day, last hour, last chance sometimes of getting drawn for that particular area.
  17. tuck2

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    I drive my pickup to the edge of where some farm equipment is parked. Roll down the window and put the gun rest over the window opening . Set there and shoot the deer when thy come out of the corn feild. Its not hunting its population controll. I have permints for three of them this year.
  18. mrm14

    mrm14 Well-Known Member

    It's been awhile since I regularly deer hunt but the last few years I did it was a tree stand situation. These locations were here in California in the Sierras and around 3500 to 4000 feet in elevation.
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  19. Gunfan--actic

    Gunfan--actic New Member

    I'm on 7 acres in the MO Ozarks, and have a field by the house that is about 300 yards from the woods. I keep mineral blocks out along this "break" and start feeding the deer whole corn about 6 to 8 weeks before season. I put up my camo blind in the field at several premeasured distances. I put my folding lawn chair, cooler with soda, snacks, and lunch, my thermos of hot coffee, tripod and spotting scope, shooting rest, cell phone, and a 2-way radio to keep in touch with the house. I sneek out to my blind an hour before light, kick back and have coffee as I wait for daybreak and the deer to show up.