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  1. Tonealive

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    Hi everyone, first post here! Can I get some suggestions for a good rifle to purchase?


    Good for deer hunting
    Good for home defense
    Either .245 or .270? Something bigger than 5.56 but smaller than 7.62
    Less than 3' total length without suppressor.
    Semi automatic
    Can be suppressed
    Maybe can take a collapsible stock
    Would be nice to be able to have a scope as well as iron sights.
    I am ok with used and old and military rifles or all of that together.

    The desire for suppression is because I am highly interested in retaining my hearing lol. And in that home defense scenerio, If I need to use quick, ... So maybe ammo is part of the solution as well? Certain round for hunting while a different one for home defense?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. locutus

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  3. -06

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    A 243 is a necked down 308 case and is loud--just like most bottleneck rounds. I keep a simple rugged reliable SKS "M" style close by. Accurate enough for deer hunting(Yes-several), ample enough for HD, and mags can be changed easily(takes AK mags). I like SKSs for several reasons and keep one in the truck/vehicles and home. Have other types for other reasons but those old warhorses will do you a long time. You can spend lots of money on various "platforms"(hate that word) and all kinds of "tacticool" crap but in the end you will find that reliability is what you want most. The old "KISS" thingy means a lot when your life is on the line--or your families. I have AKs, M1A, and a variety of milsups--I keep the SKSs close by--but the others not far off--LOL.
  4. willfully armed

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    Home defense rifle.

    No matter how you justify it, a long gun is a poor choice for HD.
  5. JonM

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    If you wanna keep it short and use it for hd and cheap wasr 10/63 get a side mount rail for optics. Rifles make superb firearms for home defense. Winchester whitebox softpoints works great as both hunting and defensive rounds lots of cheap ammo available.

    Midwest industries makes the best qd side rail out there for ak which allows you to put hunting scopes on em. Sks are good and accurate ak are smaller but only slightly less accurate with open sights. Scope em and they are more than sufficient for deer.
  6. Werminator

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    I would agree that a long gun can be a bit less than ideal for HD but certainly far superior to a handgun for hunting. Perhaps what you need is 2 guns? Each with its own purpose? Also, I am curious as to why you are resistant to the 5.56 and 7.62... Just a matter of curiousity...
  7. Mosin

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    Maybe look into a 12 ga. with a rifled barrel. Where I hunt, the woods are so thick shots are taken at 20 yards. A slug gun could get you past 100 yards.
    Buck shot for the home defense.

    Just a suggestion, but I don't know if you're keen on rifles.

    I've never fired a shotgun indoors, but outdoors the blast is directed forward and it's never hurt my ears like a semi auto does.
  8. -06

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    "Standard" advice for survival minded people is to have several shooters. A 22 rim fire, shotgun (12 G), "long barreled" rifle, and a pistol. IMO, one needs a high mag count rifle also. All this is not so expensive if you look around. Mossberg 500s are under $200(I think), a milsup (8mm/54R/303) -same price, simple revolver, and a bolt 22. All this should keep you under a grand w/ammo for them.
  9. ikeepem

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    Get yourself a lil turdy turdy Marlin 336 or Win Model 94 lever action, less potential problems and very dependable, 30 cal's a good round :)
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  10. Chainfire

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    A rifle round may not be contained within the walls of your house. If it were to find someone else, outside of the intended target, you would regret it. The shotgun suggestion is the best if you need one firearm to handle the two tasks.
  11. Jstrong

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    Best option IMO would be a shotgun with a slug barrel as well as a HD barrel.

    If you must have a rifle,I'd look into .300 blackout. I'd bet with the right loads the threat of the bullet getting out of the house could be minimized
  12. -06

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    When your life or families life is in danger use what ever you have. Odds of hurting anyone outside are less than you winning the lottery. Odds of you worrying about it and not firing will get you killed. If a 50/338/06 is all you have then use it--accurately and aggressively.
  13. ScottA

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    Check this out:

    Rob Pincus penetration test
  14. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Virtually identical to tests performed by myself and several other instructors 25 years ago for my department.

    The acolytes of "Goofy Marty" Fackler who pray to the Gods of Penetration should take note. The pattern is quite small, and the penetration is more than adequate to terminate aggression without being excessive..
  15. Garadex

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    Not sure if I'm repeating anything but I would go with a 30/30 or a 12 Ga
  16. remington85

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    Here is my joke for the day: get a Barrett 50 cal and put a red dot on it. Perfect home defense
  17. 2tone0311

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    Haha my buddy actually bought one after he got back from deployment. Bought the rifle 200 rounds and a eotech cause he couldn't afford a optic for the rifle
  18. kbd512

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    If you can still find one, the Arsenal AK's are pretty good guns. For that matter, if you can still find other types of AK's most of them are also pretty good guns. All AK's can accept 5/10, 20, and 30 round magazines. I like the Chinese steel magazines but European steel and Bulgarian steel-reinforced polymer are just as good. There are 5 round magazines for states with hunting capacity restrictions or legislated magazine capacity restrictions. If you live in a state where you can legally own a suppressor, I assume that doesn't apply to you. By 7.62, I assume you mean 7.62 NATO.

    I have friends and relatives who routinely use AK's and SKS's to hunt pigs and deer with. You can add a muzzle device from AAC or SureFire to an Arsenal AK to suppress it. The suppressor will cost as much or more than the gun, but that's certainly an option. I like CHF barrels like the ones that Arsenal uses, but mostly I like the fact that the overall machining quality on all the components that have to line up for the gun to function properly and be accurate have been lined up properly (barrel, gas block, and trunnions). I have looked at various different AK's and lots of them have canted FSB's, to include Arsenals. Arsenals have side rails on them so you can mount a red dot optic over the receiver. If not, the Ultimak is your friend.

    If you have the right kinds of bullets, by which I mean the really expensive frangible kind, you could plausibly use an AK for home defense. If I could only afford one rifle and needed to hunt with it and use it to dissuade criminals from busting my door down to take what I have, I would purchase an AK if I lived in a free state and a SKS if I lived in a nanny state.

    If it were me, I'd factor in the cost of magazines and ammunition if you're going to use it for the purposes you stated.

    I only own three AK's now, a Polytech Legend, a NORINCO MAK-90, and an Arsenal SLR-101. I had a NORINCO 84S in years past. All have been great guns. I've shot various different AK's from friends and acquaintances. I wouldn't say that one's necessarily better than the next. You have to configure it for how you want to use it.

    Hope that helps
  19. -06

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    Have a couple of SLR-95s stacked back but for the back door grab is an old S&W tactical, front a Maverick, and a reach out and touch them close by. Our kids are up and gone now so I can keep the handguns just laying around (kind of) close at hand.