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  1. lucasmefferd

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    what are some must have calls to have for deer hunting? Any opinion helps.
  2. amoroque

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    It seems like here in Colorado the sound of a truck going about 75mph down the highway seems to attract them. LOL

    Ok, now seriously, I have no idea...around here all we have is mule deer...muleys arent really attracted to any calls. But.......I use a "wheeze" to stop them in their tracks to try to get a shot.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    There are grunt calls, doe bleets, none really seem to work. Quiet works best!!
  4. Gatoragn

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    Under the right conditions, grunt and bleat calls work on whitetails, usually during the rut. I used a combination of a grunt call and "The Can" to to take a nice 7 point this past season. The deer emerged from some heavy timber onto a pipeline and was definitely looking for the source of the grunts and bleats.
  5. hunter Joe

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    The bleat can is a must-have and knowing how to snort wheeze also can be very productive. A decent grunt call also should be in your bag of tricks. I have also had some success clicking the bones together here in Wisconsin but most of the bucks come in down wind from me when I'm rattling and it's hard to get them within archery range.

    I call a lot but you have to be aware of the time of the season as you don't want to let say, estrus bleat to early in the season. Estrus bleating at a low testosterone buck will only alert him of your location.

    I have had success calling but more often than not I have scared non-dominant bucks away. Last season I had a decent buck eye ball'n my deke and I gave him a wheeze challenge and the last glimpse I got of him was of his ***.

    I truly believe that if any call only works 5% of the time that's all I'll need to eventually fill a tag.
  6. Reuben_Mishler

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    I've had great success with Flextones Buck Commander call.

    Even got a coyote to come in to me while using the doe bleat!
  7. Number3Never4get

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  8. Boggy5

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    I somewhat agree with jpat here, except for one exception, doe in heat estrus. I've tried calls, but in Iowa the only season open during the rut is bow season, and you can hardly ever get a deer within bow range using a call. However, you can make them walk right under the tree and start humping it if you have some good estrus. A snort-weeze will stop them in their tracks for a still shot, but it will also tip them off to where you're at and they could duck the arrow, had that happen twice.