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Okay so I am back in the market for an AR... I know perfect timing right? Anyways I will not be building this one I am looking to purchase the complete rifle. I have the fancy Noveske and all but I am looking for an all out beat the piss out of it and never fail AR. Now I was originally going to go with the Scar just so that it was a different weapon system completely and it still had the durability and reliability that I was looking for. Now I have been doing a ton of research and cannot find a clear winner, let alone top 3 of rifles in 5.56 that are truly ahead of the curb in regards to the industry. The two manufacturers that came to mind were LWRC (m6a2 spr) and the Barrett (rec7). I can't seem to find an accurate comparison between the two, but these are the caliber of rifles that I am looking for. Anything else out there that I seriously need to look at? And please no "just get both" or "just get a mil spec." I am looking for very hi quality. Thanks guys and I hope you all had a good Christmas!
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I am looking for a piston rig though. Sorry that I forgot to mention that. I have a Colt 20" HBAR Match Target, I am looking to change it up a little bit and try out a piston. Definitely agree on Colt's quality though!
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