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Decision in Firearm Usage

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Has anyone here been trained on when to use a firearm in a dispute and what the legal repurcussions can be on this? Are there any good books or websites on the topic? Thanks
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Do a google on the phrases "castle doctrine" and "stand your ground". That should keep you busy for a while.
This all depends on what state you live in.

Do a search on Amazon for your state, and the phrase "gun owner's guide." That should bring up a good little handbook about your state's gun laws, written in plain english.
Yes it is a State thing,not all States have the same laws on the topic of self defence.
The quick answer is you never use a gun to settle a dispute. As a general rule, you may use deadly force only when you are in fear of death,or great bodily injury. Check you local and state laws for your area.
The rule I follow is firearms should only be used to protect life, never property.
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