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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by powg, Aug 23, 2011.

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    After lots of thought ,reading ,research and first hand face to face testimonies my first 1911 will be the taurus blued and in 9mm ! i have lots of 9mm ammo and am selling an eaa 9mm to fund the deal ,so its a no-brainer .....someday i'll get a $$$$$ .45 1911 nighthawk or wilson . I know some folks debate the 9 vs .45 one shot stop b.s. for defense , but really who in their right mind would only shoot a crackhead ,zombie bad guy 1 time in a shtf scenario? Im dumping 2 to the chest ....1 to the head before I check on mobility status!
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    Good deal, I agree. I strongly believe that whatever gun u have, u can do some serious damage, even with a hollow point 22. I know nothing about taurus, all I've heard was that
    Their quality was disgusting until they remanufactured trying to bring back the brand name, kind of like Hyundai. Their cars were very bad until now, one of the best selling cars with highest guarantee resale value. But if I were to get a "1911" I would definitely get a 45 just to keep the classic history