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Decided which AR to buy

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:eek: Ok,

I think I made my mind up on which AR to buy. I was up to 3 choices,

1. S&W MP15OR, could get for $899, then $100 rebate

2. Rock River Predator Pursuit for $900

3. Armalite M15A4B for $969

I decided against the S&W, because I am after more target ability and it was an M4 with a collapsable stock and 16" skinny barrel. Real good price though. Local dealers say they are selling them hand over fist. Might make a good second one though. (I am pretty sure one won't be enough:D )

So it came down to the Rock River and the Armalite. Liked both very much. Rock River claims .75" MOA on the Predator Pursuit model, and the Armalite claims 1.5 to 2 MOA, but everyone has told me that it will shoot much better than that and that Armalite states that because they don't want to stick their necks out too far. The Armalite is $70 more but it does come with a nice scope mount. For those not familiar with these exact models, they are both basically 20" heavy barrel, flat top, no front sight guns. The RR has a stainless barrel, and an aluminum round forearm, the Armalite has regular finish chrome lined barrel with flash hider, and round synthetic forearm. I am going to get the Armalite. It is available at a local shop that I buy from anyway, and while they could order me a RR, it was $1075.(The $900 one was at a gunshow) And I would have to wait something like 16-18 weeks to get it. I have posted alot lately about AR's, the reason being I have zero experience with these guns, and I have probably read too much info about what models are good and bad. So, I don't think I am going wrong the the company that started it all.

I checked out the specs on the Armalite, and from what I read, it has the important things to look for, like chome lined barrel, 5.56 chamber, supposedly a properly staked gas key, and some other features , that according to other forums , makes my choice Ok. (I think some of these guys would have you believe that some brands of AR's will just melt or explode in your hands if it doesn't have XYZ.....:p ) I think I will purchase tommorrow night, So how did I do for a first time nervous purchaser?
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If you're for inexpense try Fulton Armory out of Savage Maryland. I paid $699.00 new, check out a pic in my gallery. it's a .223
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