Decency prevails! diggers get their beer

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    Troops to get their beer


    STAFF WRITERS | December 17th, 2010

    Australia's troop beer crisis is over.

    After the NT News broke the news that our diggers serving in Afghanistan had to pay $5 a beer on Christmas day, CUB (the makers of VB) decided to get on the phone to Defence, to arrange a shipment of beer to the troops.

    While it's yet to be finalised, it looks like public pressure - including hundreds of comments from the NT News audience - will help get the beer onto the plane, and over to the 1550 troops serving in Afghanistan in time for Christmas.

    One Darwin soldier complained this worked out to be $120 per carton of beer.

    Defence pointed out it provided accommodation, food and welfare service to deployed troops "at no cost".

    These comments outraged NT News readers.

    "How can I buy a round of drinks for the diggers. I would be happy to contribute to a 'beer fund' Its embarrassing that they protect our country, and then have to pay for a beer!" one reader said.

    "Soon they will charge for every extra bullet they use in gunfights," another reader said.

    "Very, Very Non-Australian!!! I bet the politicians don't pay for 2 beers at their Xmas parties," said another reader.

    Troops to get their beer | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |

    Too bloody right! Can't believe the Govt were going to stoop to charging them for their one lil bit of Xmas cheer...while doing something kind of paltry like I dunno....risking their lives on behalf of their country? :rolleyes: (and 5 bucks a can? wtf who was getting the extra profit from that I wonder)
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    About Time!

    About time you started posting some feel-good threads zhuk, you were starting to get me down! ;)

    Good news for our Diggers, and a wonderful Christmas story to boot... :)

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    I'm glad for you guys. $5 a beer would kill the mood.
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    Ya'll boys are serious about your beer.
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    Reckon it comes automatically with citizenship, tango :p I'm not at all surprised the paper got 100s of outraged comments (also home of the Darwin stubby)

    Plus the fact Aussie kids are raised on Vegemite, which is basically fermented beer dregs...that's gotta help lol

    I don't usually drink at all, but had 3 beers today after our club final shoot/xmas party. Only now realise I have kinda missed it, heh.
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    True, is it really just us though?? I think that the Diggers and troops of any Allied nation should be provided with every creature comfort available. And most definitely a Christmas beer! :D

    PM inbound mate.
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    The asshat(s) that made this statement should be airdropped into enemy territory without a parachute! :mad:

    $5 for a beer is outright robbery! :eek: Who the hell was getting all of that profit off the backs of your soldiers? :mad: I'm glad to hear that your boys and girls are getting a break on Christmas, but really it should not be costing them that much for a can any day of the year. :(
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    I'm glad those guys are getting their precious nectar...