Dear Legislator: Could you please help me decide which of my kids lives to save?

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  1. Kimber45

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    "Dear Legislator:
    Could you please help me decide which of my kids lives to save? Here's the problem:

    Last night yet another of my kids found himself on the goodbye end of a robber's gun as the robber slowly counted down

    "5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . "

    I know you politicians told us "if it saves one life, then keeping guns away from law-abiding citizens is the right thing to do!" but I'm having a little trouble figuring out which life is the one to be saved. I've had most of these kids for 20 years or more, and I'm rather fond of them all.

    My kid last night? It was his third time facing armed robbers in Chicago, in Illinois. Can you tell me how many times is just right and how many times is too many?

    The one last night was in a convenience store at the time. He and his friend had gone into the store to buy soda, and they hid as the robber stuck his gun in the face of the store clerk and began counting down."

    An Open Letter from Colleen Lawson
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    The one who will suppor the progressive demo-socialist agenda, of course.

  3. CA357

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    Good letter, but it will fall on deaf ears.
  4. GaryE

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    What I would do

    If it was me I would instruct my kids to carry a concealed gun regardless of the damn idiots who are in charge getting the law abiding citizens killed. Like I'm sure you have heard before. I would rather survive leaving the criminal dead and deal
    with the law later. I wouldn't do it the politicians way otherwise you will never
    have the chance to defend your actions in court since you will be dead anyway.
    If more people would quit worrying about what the consequences of the law are
    and started to enforce they're second amendment rights believe me there would
    be way to many citizens for the law or politicians to even think about fighting.
    You would see a big change and that would be the people taking back charge
    of America. There is power in numbers we just have to find enough people with
    the backbones of our grandfathers generation. Ever since the beginning of the
    love, peach movement America has been getting to soft to the point we're a laughing stock of the world. To hell with the peace, love crap its time to take care of business. Those peace love pushers of the sixties are the ones sitting
    in congress right now.
  5. armoredman

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    Sounds good, rings hollow when getting raped in the prison showers. Move out or work within the system to get the laws changed. Come down to AZ, we have great laws and lots of convience stores to work in, if need be, plus a dearth of snow.
  6. therewolf

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    The real problem here lies in the fact that our legislators are unaffected by our woes.

    Take away their health insurance, and WE'D have a National Health Care

    plan that works within the week.

    Take away their armed escorts, bodyguards, and secret service, and they'd

    all be whistling the RKBA tune, also...

    It's the hypocrisy of the upper-class politicians, who blindly pander votes at

    all costs.

    If we had better than a 1:25 --NRA Membership:Gun Owner ratio, politicians

    would also respect us as a voting "block percentage", and cater more to our


    ... so instead of arguing with antis, let's all get our friends to join the NRA.