Dealing with case lube

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  1. aandabooks

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    Just started on my first batch of rifle ammo, .223. Bought a case lube pad and a small bottle of RCBS lube. Stuff is thick and I squeezed out a dollop onto the pad about the size of a quarter. Let it soak in some and went to rolling cases in it and resizeing. Got 50 cases done and put on the side.

    The Lyman book says to just wipe each case off with a clean towel. Is there a faster way to do this? What about spray lube? Is that sprayed on the pad or directly on the cases? I could use some tips and tricks. I think some have seen on here say that they just retumble to remove lube.
  2. rjd3282

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    Throw them in the tumbler for awhile.

  3. JonM

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    i use spray lube and a cardboard flat used to store 4 six packs. put cases on the card board flat, shake lube bottle spray a few squirts shake cases around couple more squirts shake and wait about a minute then start loading.

    lube pads are too much work.
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    I am just using the case lube that came with my lee kit, the lee case lube is working well but I don't have experience with any other lubes
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    In all the years that I've reloaded,Imperial Sizing Wax is by far the best case lube ever made. You will never stick a case in a die with it.

    I've used the spray lubes,I always just put a handful of cases in a ziplock bag,sprayed a few squirts of spray in the bag,and shack the cases around in the bag. It works great,but I have still had a few stuck cases using the spray lubes.
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    The RCBS lube pad must be kept clean if you use them. In the Western states where fine sand dust is a constant it forms on the lube pads. The fine silicate can and will cut and score sizing dies. This results in cases that are badly scratched.
    It much better to clean the cases and use spray lubes. When neck sizing I use Motor Mica dry lube.

    BILLYBOB44 New Member

    Hornady One Shot for .223..

    :)I have used most all styles of case lube, from RCBS (Like STP), to Lee case lube, to Dillon spray, to Imperial Size Wax, to Hornady One Shot.

    Today, as a matter of fact, I FL sized around 1K of 5.56, mostly LC-06, with some .223 mixed in. I use Hornady One Shot lube for .223/5.56, in a Redding FL .223 die, and have not EVER stuck a case in that die. I have added the carbide expander ball to this die+it works great for me.

    I place around 50 cases in a 5" X 9" X 2" plastic tub with a lid, spray down the cases with One Shot, install lid + shake+roll the cases for about 1/2 a minute. Remove lid+and size.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I do NOT like Hornady One Shot for most other rifle calibers-I have stuck cases with it in .22-250 and .308. I use Imperial Size Wax for those.:D

    For ME the One Shot works great for the .223/5.56 sizing...Bill.
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    I use one shot on .308 full sizing, and .303 neck sizing. I stuck a case only once during my first try, but no more hundreds of cases later. I stand the cases up on cardboard about 1.5" on center and spray down at 45 degrees. Rotate the cardboard a 180 and spritz again. Takes longer to write than do.
    I may try the plastic bag.
    The pad was a PITA, glad it's gone.
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    I use Dillon spray lube on all pistol cases, and the .30-06 and smaller rifle cases. Imperial on the big magnum rifle cases.

    Works for me.:)