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  1. Pjj342

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    I have been looking online for a while and would like to hear from all of you. In your opinion, where would I find the best deals on Saiga and other quality ak varients? I just know there has to be more out there.
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    I'm in the same boat, I would definitely stay away from Century Arms, (friend bought one, it would fire maybe 40% of the time, 90% if you held the trigger a certain very incorrect way) but aside from that im not much help.

  3. Nihilist88

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    I always check gun-broker or browse through different catalogs online. I was looking at Atlantic firearms(though I do not know much about their support, products, etc.) But, they seem to have an alright catalog. Also, your local military surplus shops are a great place.
  4. Ruzai

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    First off, just because someone else says they had a bad experience with something done immediately eliminate that option. You should always see for yourself what is right for you.
    The WASR is a good economical solution to owning an AK and are easy to upgrade and tinker with as long as you know what to look for when you buy one. Make sure the gun wasnt a gunsmith project from Bubba in his basement or a kit gun with un-matched serial numbers.
    As far as quality goes I've heard very good things about Arsenal's AKs of course they are a bit more expensive than Century's rifles.
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    deal on ak

    I just received a catalog from centerfire systems. I couldn't believe the prices! It made me start to think, whats going on, do they know something we don't? I mean some real good prices on all types of weapons, plus ammo. Whatever the reason you might want to check it out . The ak's are running from $399-$799 and with the purchase of any ak they will throw in a 75rd drum for $24.99 + 1 30rd clip. I'm looking to get one myself. Good luck
  6. nfafan

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    Always understand that WASRs can be a crapshoot when bought sight-unseen.

    Best to spend a bit more and hand-pick one from a FTF deal at a store, show, or private party. Examine for straight sights and gasblock.
    Don't fret cosmetics; half the fun of WASRs is redoing the wood into Russian Red, or a blonde, or Polski Brown.

    Else, Century Support is actually quite responsive.

    Also, the Century "milled Polish AK-47" has been getting rave reviews. Mixmaster of Polski and East EU parts with US parts and a US milled recvr. Folks have been raving about them.

    Avoid Century's Tantal.

    If you can find one; a Cent Yugo M70AB2 (with the RPK reinforced rcvr) underfolder or the rare M70AB1 fixed-stock. Super quality re-furbed Yugo AKM parts rebuilt with USA parts to make one of the best stamped AKMs available in the USA for under $500.00. The newer M70AB2T is the U/Folder but with the slab-side recvr.