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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by jigs-n-fixture, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. jigs-n-fixture

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    The intent of this is for folks to let others know about the deals they have spotted. Online or local, doesn't matter. And, it's ok to gloat, so long as you didn't buy up all the stock and not leave any for the rest of us.
  2. dango

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    Well , lets see , I got some "SNAKE-AUL" , 120% grain alkyhaul , cure anything.!


  3. big_bad_kitty

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    RED LETTER DAY!!! Had a few minutes after lunch today and just happened to visit deals on Slickguns. Big mistake. There were a couple of references to Kentucky Guns Co in the deals and one was for an AR15 (ECHO 316H 16 BARREL) for $949. Been waiting on a BCG for a build so still waiting and jumped in on this deal and it went through. After processing the order it showed the stock to be "0". so I must have gotten the last one. Then I happened to see a 308 (DPMS-RFLR-308B) in AR10 that I have been wanting to build for quite some time. Parts were just out of reason so I was resolved to wait until the market settles down. This one was run at $1120 and I just could not pass it up! The parts to build were more than this one was run for. Just too good a deal to pass. Kind of feel like a kid that has raided the candy store! Ah, but wait! It is not over yet! Sitting here tonight watching the trash on the tube and hunting 9MM ammo. Gunbot directed me to ammo supply warehouse and they had plenty of 9MM by the case! $555 + shipping for Armscor USA 9mm JHP 124 gr in 1000 case lots. Ordered two cases and it shows to ship out within the next two days! That is just scary!!! I am afraid to leave the house tomorrow morning! Now if I could just find a deal on BCG so I could finish two builds I really would be freaked out!