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Deadlined Veteran Onboard

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It was GOD who allowed me to find your forum. I had been wanting to find and join a good forum that dealt with Firearms and ammo and many other goodies that go along with it. I have been to a few others, but it seemed they wanted to talk about other things than Firearms. Not to say they were not good folks, I guess I was looking for hard core weapon talkers. I hope I can learn a great deal from everyone on this forum and if possible I might be able to help someone here also. I don't know much,but will help all I can.
I had been on active duty for almost fourteen years and due to a injury I sustained while conducting a operation, I was taken off worldwide deployable and offered a chance to retrain into another MOS. Being in Combat Arms my career, I just couldn't imanage me being stuck behind a desk or in a building. I was assigned to the S-3 section at Brigade and that almost drove me crazy. I had rather been out running around shooting and blowing thigs up. So I told the medical board commander that I did not feel i could give 110% with my injury and I did not wish to bring discredit to my Team, my Unit, The Army and The NCO Corp because of it. So they gave me thirty six thousand dollars, a couple medals and a pat on the back and a goodbye, with the words if you need us just holler. We take care of our own! Don't believe this! I have not heard from them since! I am now a 100% Disabled Veteran, living here in North Carolina with my wife, children and gradchildren. This injury has worsened and I now find myself in bed or this bedroom more and more lately. It looks like surgery is on the horizon. I've kept it at bay, for a long time, but it seems the howling and growling is getting closer and closer everyday. Please rememebr me in your prayers if you will. GOD can do all things!
I love to hunt and fish and my dream is to relocate to either Montana or back to Alaska within the next six to ten months. I would love to have a good log cabin, about twenty miles in the woods and everything I needed and only come out maybe once a month to get supplies and mail and pay the bills. My grandson said he could be home schooled or internet schooled. I just want to get away from all of the crime and drugs.
You all take care. I hope I did not bore anyone. If I can help you all in anyway and I'm able to do so, all you need do is holler. may GOD bless and watch over you all and your families, keep everyone safe and well always. My family and I would like to wish all of you a blessed and safe Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas and New Year!
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Welcome StandingBear.

20 miles is not that far out.. I am at 46 and it still isn't far enough. We do home school ours.

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