Dead Society......Damn.

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  1. Bello

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    I need it to share this guys. Im a believer our demise
    is coming sooner that we thought.
    I hope i dont offended nobody here.

    [ame=]YouTube - THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY[/ame]
  2. c3shooter

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    I think there is a lot of "society" that is going to wither- largely in the urban areas. But most of the folks in the country are a lot more tightly connected to reality. As Hank Williams Jr said- a country boy can survive.

  3. CA357

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    He's pretty much preaching to the choir here. ;)
  4. bkt

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    These are the people who concern me. They'll fight and trample each other for trinkets they don't need. What will they do when they and their kids are hungry?

    They can't think their way out of a wet paper bag, and they prefer to watch Dancing With the Stars rather than learn what's going on politically and financially.

    Do some thought experiments. Let's say Germany bails out several European nations that are failing 'til Germany is tapped dry. Then what? When the European economy falls, what ripple effects will that have in the world? It was announced today that the Federal Reserve is considering lending out $2 trillion to foreign banks to prop them up... but what's behind that money, supporting it? NOTHING!

    With economic chaos and a rapidly falling dollar, what will these Black Friday-type people resort to? A better question to ask is this: What won't they resort to?

    Got ammo?
  5. dunerunner

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    Gonna buy some more today!! :D
  6. willshoum

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    Toilet Paper!!!!

    I can remember a German citizen with a wheel barrow full of money and could not afford a loaf of bread. That money ain't worth the cloth it's printed on!!!!!!!!!:eek::mad:
  7. Ploofy

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    The proxy that I have to go through make it hard to load videos like that. I can't see it. Mind posting a youtube link?
  8. bkt

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    http:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v=fOshw4kIGR4

    Copy, paste and remove the spaces
  9. M14sRock

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    That pretty much sums it up...
  10. Bello

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    I see this and it makes me so sad guys :(

    Just like the video says.....I wish the people have the same desire to fix this country and just kick this idiots and a**holes out of office.....we dont need them. Im so tired of it. I really embrace the fact that my eyes are open and that i didnt continue the same path they did. I have sooooo much to learn.
  11. wilddawg1

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    dead society

    i think we have just gotten one really true politician elected his name was lt.col. alan west from fla . his exact thoughts in a local town hall meeting and his words to the people everyone in this country needs to pickup their guns go to washington and take our country back. i agree totally with him he also challenged king obama to a debate of course obama didnt even give it a thought as he knew he had no chance in hell of winning it. if you feel like hearing what a real politician should sound like chk him out on youtube if he runs for president in 2012 he has my vote. maybe he is what we need to save society form total death.
  12. Cory2

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    I always love this stuff, people talking about how the end is near and we have to do something or we are all doomed. None ever even hint at a suggestion of what to do about it. Its just... fear mongering. Thats really all it is, sure things are bad. But they have certainly been alot worse, we are on the brink of a world war and our economy is collapsing. Damn that sounds kinda familiar does it not?

    The only thing that can save America's economy is for the consumers to get out and spend money. Thats exactly what they did and now the fear mongerers are trying to say its a bad thing. In case you all forgot, I recall something several years ago called tickle me elmo, and people were literally killing eachother over it. This is nothing compared to that and just goes to show that the fear mongerers are trying to make things seem worse than they are.

    The simplest solution would be for America to simply denounce russian and chinese currency. Lets see who wins... If America had balls like it used to then we could right the economy and the world. Lets see how long the countries that really dont have money can surive selling stuff to other countries that dont have money.

    However that would never happen. So the best we have is to spend our money, not horde it waiting for the "end".

    Fear mongerers, doom sayers, and sensationalists. These are the true destroyers of America.
  13. Sarge22

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    My Take

    A man starts out poor and builds himself an empire within industry. The man's children all are expected by the old man to assist later in the expansion and operation of the empire. Then the grandchildren come along. Nothing is expected of them. All their security and troubles are hidden from them by their doting parents. When it's time for them to lead their grandfather's empire, they're too concerned with parties and distractions to care about that. Why should we work, they say, we're rich enough already. They eventually destroy their empire from unbridled hedonism, spending all on what they desire, versus what their failing empire needs. Then, their children come along, and all they have left is the memory of a lost empire, and are the poor men that their great Grandfather was.
    We have became a nation of spoiled brats, and their are a few that are the Black Sheep of the Grandchildren. Those who do care about the vitality of the empire. How, ladies and gentleman, do we, the Black Sheep, ensure that our children inherit an empire, and not a bankrupt hull with creditors chewing upon it's carcass?
    That, me thinks, is the real moral of the video's creator.
  14. nwrednk

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    I just hope that I will not...

    Live to see the day that we will have to learn to speak Chinease! My 2 yr old
    beagle (might not outlive me) Even though our hounds have been living longer
    & longer! My last one lived nearly 16.5 yrs! (I wish I could say the same
    about american jobs) as nearly every manufacturing job has been moved to
  15. wilddawg1

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    dead society

    hey cory i never was a fear monger i do belive that a lot of what you say is correct we need to tell all the foriegn money to kiss off the problem is however the politicans we have in office are never gonna do it or stop spending. and as long as they keep spending we are on the brink what needs to be done is some politicans with nutz to be put in office who are for the people and alan west is one of those. go shopping for food right now they say there is no inflation B.S. the price of any meat is at a 25yr high how about gas i can remember gas for .65 a gallon lol guess that shows my age huh have any of the clowns in washington stoped taking pay increases no have you seen us go from a little over 78000 fed workers to now over 300,000 with a minium salary of 150k a yr do you make that i dont i am on disabilty from the service at 812 a month. i spent my time defending this country and get less a yr than someone at the poverty level my bad luck is that during my service i destroyed my back and cant work and if i do the government cuts my disabilty to match what i bring home so they keep me at 812. great post though.
  16. JTJ

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    I have been spending money. What health care did not get this year I spent on guns and ammo.
  17. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Sorry, I thought we covered that in other threads a while back. They're worth a look.

    In a nutshell:
    • Become as self-reliant as possible by having a good store of canned and dry food, clothing, consumables, fuel, etc.
    • Become as self-sufficient as possible by learning how to grow, hunt and fish, learning basic medical procedures, and how to make things you depend on and buy at the store
    • Pay off your debt
    • Have a few like-minded friends near you who you can meet up with in a SHTF scenario
    • Have bug-out bags and a stocked bug-out location
    • Be well-armed, whether for hunting food or repelling animals (as in the video above)
    • Have a store of wealth (gold and silver). No, you can't eat it, but in time things will begin to resemble "normal" again and you'll want to convert the metals into the currency of the day.
    That'll get you started. There are many ways just a short-term problem can make your life uncomfortable. In preparing for it and focusing on being as self-sufficient as possible, you also mitigate longer-term more serious problems.

    At what other time in American history has such a large percentage of the population been unable to prepare a meal from scratch? Hunt? Clean a fish? Grow a friggin' tomato plant?

    Things have been worse before in some ways. But we are in uncharted waters.

    Are you familiar with zerohedge? I'm guessing you're not.

    I just googled tickle-me-elmo and killed/death/murder and didn't see any reports of folks killing others over the last toy. Can you point me to a link or two about this?

    Even so, the point is that even back a few years ago Americans were as clueless as they are today.

    What is money? That's a serious question. What is it? Is it debt? If so, America is king.

    Our currency is based on debt. Seriously. If you think this is a good thing and a good position to maneuver from, great. You and I aren't likely to see eye-to-eye.

    Oh, I encourage people to hedge against the devaluation of the dollar, to purchase things that will help them live better and save money in the long run whether things get bad or not, and to diversify where they store their wealth.

    But buying cheap Chinese crap from Wal-Mart? Not so much. If that's your thing, knock yourself out.

    Sticks and stones. :D
  18. Cory2

    Cory2 New Member

    @bkt, I would say that people are definatly more educated as to survival skills now than they have been at any point in the past 30 years atleast. With the increased interest in survivalism and living green people are becoming more knowledgeable of such things... Although none of this really has anything to do with my original post but you brought it up. My comment that you took and sprinkled fairy dust on and went to pretend land and imagined i was talking about survivalism was actually about fixing America's economy and political woes... not fixing peoples ignorance of starting a fire with the hand drill method or building a lean to. We already have something for that anyway.. its called boy scouts.

    Children of the 90s: Tickle-Me Elmo

    zerohedge as in the economic blog? (if you dont know what that is you should check it out)

    Also something you may want to know. Technically speaking the US government owns 25% of the worlds wealth (in terms of gold anyway) owning 8000 tons of gold. That only comes to around 1 trillion dollars. If you want to change money from being debt to actual wealth you will have a problem... as there just isnt enough gold in the world for money to be based on it. It would take some serious hate bringing to (as in a really catastrophic war) to get money back to equaling gold. But as it stands there is more money in the world, by a huge margin, than there is gold and silver to cover it. That is what we have and there isnt anything that will ever really change that. Granted we could just base our dollar off of gold again and all the money you have would be completely worthless as inflation would go balistic over night and the value of the dollar would fall to a fraction of what it is now.

    You want to tell people to buy something that is actually worth something. Tell them to buy the one thing that has been the ultimate measure of wealth since the start of man... Land

    @wilddawg1 My original post was not directed at you, it was directed at the video in the OP. I agree with what you said. It is long overdue that we take this country back and make America the land of the free and home of the brave again. (aka Make America America again)
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  19. wldennis

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    I went to one of those sales back in 2001 with the wife. It was the one and only time. Standing in a long line outside a Wal-Mart at 4:00 am in below freezing weather is just plain insane. I can't even remember what we were there to get.

    I did do some shopping on Friday though. I hit a few grocery stores in the afternoon to stock up on more canned goods and other food preps. There were a lot of good sales going on and the stores were practically empty.
  20. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Sure, that's true. But the last 30 years is not representative of the overall lifestyles of Americans over the last 228 years. We've had a true floating fiat currency for only 40 years and a debt-based economy as a result. That is NOT who we used to be.

    In any modern society, its currency is its core. Money is the medium of exchange allowing people to trade for products and services easily. When money has intrinsic value, everything works: you trade value for value. When it has no intrinsic value and instead morphs into a claim on future labor (i.e. debt), it is unsustainable. And that doesn't bode well for society as a whole.

    Worse, when a government or private banks create currency out of thin air, whatever value that future labor had becomes diluted thus lowering the standards for everyone who depends on that currency.

    No, you weren't talking about survivalism or modern prepping. I was. The more people who have a store of food, water, a means to purify water, a decent veggie garden and some fruit trees, and a freezer full of venison, the fewer people who will act like those animals in the video at the grocery store when the bottom falls out of the almighty buck.

    A generation or two back, most people used to can, have a root cellar, stock food away for hard times, and skills that were commonly-held are now scarce. That's what I mean about how we're worse off today.

    Are you being deliberately obtuse?

    Yes, I remember the Tickle-Me-Elmo insanity. Now who was "literally killed" as a result of people going batsh!t to get one?

    It's daily reading for me. I recommend it highly. If you're familiar with it and a fan, it doesn't seem likely you would be advocating that people spend like crazy to kick-start the economy. At least, not without first addressing the underlying problems in our economy which is what I'm trying to do.

    Yes, the U.S. is the #1 holder of gold in the world. But let's take a look at the potential market value.

    1 ton = 32,000 ounces
    8000 tons * 32,000 = 256,000,000
    Mkt value for gold right now =~ $1,400
    250,000,000 * $1,400 = $350,000,000,000

    That's somewhat shy of $1 trillion.

    You're looking at it from the perspective that our current "money" means something. It doesn't. Instead, look at it from the perspective of commodities relative to one another; they remain pretty constant (short-term demand peaks and floors or shortages being the exception).

    If you roll back 100 years' worth of inflation (i.e. destroy dollars), it's certainly possible to go to a metals-backed currency.

    But that's not what Bernanke, Geithner and other Keynesian morons want. They want higher inflation. Inflation is a byproduct of a debt-based economy when that economy is actually producing well. Increasing inflation doesn't spur productivity, it stifles it. Encouraging people to go nuts like in the video and spend spend spend is just plain goofy.

    Again, you're looking at currency (really, any currency today, not just the U.S. dollar) as meaning something. We need to adjust the value of currency to be in line with commodities and the only way to do that sanely is to eliminate a bunch of currency (electronic and physical).

    I'm betting that WILL happen, one way or another.

    Another way to look at that is "we would see the true value of the dollar."

    Agreed 100%! But knowing how to make land work for you takes some skills. And I'd bet that most of the folks who stampede and trample in order to get their cheap items at Wal-Mart don't have those skills.

    IF there's a catastrophe of any sort, these people will get a whole lot worse. That was one point of the video.

    I've harped on currency as a fundamental problem, and it is, but there are a bunch of other problems that need to be fixed, too.