Dead Horse-Socom16 v. Squad Scout

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    In the market for an M1A type rifle but torn between the Socom16 and the Squad Scout.

    Shots beyond 200 yards are going to be rare so the ballistics are not a huge deal for me. I do want to keep it as short as possible though.

    My only hesitation in just going ahead with the Socom16 are as follows:
    1) The modified gas system. Replacement parts, which I hope I never need, might be difficult to find and the lack of options in muzzle devices


    2) Does the modified gas system exclude lighter loads that may otherwise cycle in an unmodified system? I am very fond of 110 grain VMax with a middle of the road charge of Varget in my 700 LTR and would like to use them in whichever M1A based rifle I choose.

    I think I have found a middle ground by going with the Scout Squad, and using a Smith Enterprises Vortex and Gas Lock front sight to shorten the OAL (I believe this is very similar to, if not exactly what Fragout did on one of his projects?).

    If you M1A/ M14 shooters don't think there are downfalls to the Socom16 I will end it there and get that, or if the Squad Scout option is better I will take that route. I am not in love with either model, but am in love with the idea of a shorter barrel M1A. Thanks.
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    Either one will work for you. The Socom uses the same gas system as the full sized rifles, but has a larger gas port in the bbl to offset the potential for short stroking. The odds of actually wearing out a gas cylinder are just about nil.

    A Squad Scout with either a SEI Vortex or CG Muzzle Break is pretty short (about 1.5" longer than a Soc).

    The Socom break works great, but SEI makes muzzle devise for the Socom now as well.

    If you want short, try a Soc.

    Then, buy a couple of spare USGI extractors with springs and plungers, and a spare USGI hammer. SEI has the best trigger group pins made, so get a set of those, too, and you will be set.

    The Soc will use the 110 TAP with no problem, so you should be GTG with a load of your own, however, Varget is not recommended in M14's. Glen Zediker has written some interesting info on reloading for M14's.