Dead DA's in Texas

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    I know there's another thread on this, but it seems to be undergoing a thread drift right now.

    With regard to the Assistant DA who was shot a few months ago, and the elected District Attorney who was recently shot, I don't think it's from either drug cartels or an established Aryan Brotherhood group.

    I was an assistant DA in Tarrant County, not too far west of Kaufman County, then a defense attorney that occasionally had cases in Kaufman. In fact, I delt with the D.A. who was shot.

    I don't think it was Mexican cartels declaring war on Texas prosecutors. Kaufan is way too far north, and is not a hotbed of activity for the cartels there. It's a small town and a minor county. Likewise, most organized criminal organizations steer clear of shooting cops or prosecutors, as they know what kind of heat it will bring down on 'em. It just isn't worth the trouble.

    More likey something local.
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    No offense, but I wouldn't put anything past lawyers, drug cartels, the Aryan Brotherhood, or any other prison gang.

    Shooting someone 20 times seems to indicate something of a personal nature. It probably was a result of something job-related, but drug cartels and prison gangs generally don't shoot someone 20 times. If they wanted to make a point or draw attention to it, there are other ways of doing that (like hanging people from bridges, cutting their heads off, mailing parts of people to the police, etc).

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    It seems like some group is metering their brand of justice. All the high profile LOAs could be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

    I don't get the pizza driver in all this, out of place with the others.