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    A friend of mine is stationed in Germany and found a de-milled MP5. He asked me two questions, that I would like to post on here, so I can give him the correct answers.
    1. What BATF paperwork would he have to do in order to LEAGLY have this MP5 put back into working condition, that is full auto?

    2. Does anyone know who could put it back together and make it work?

    He is a Captian in the U.S. Army, so by all means he wants to do this LEAGLY.
    You guys have set me straight before, so I come to you all with these questions.
    Thanks,,,,here is a link to the MP5
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  2. matt g

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    His best bet is to contact his IG office and coordinate it through them. Being that he's in Germany, American laws don't currently apply to him.

  3. Dillinger

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    Matt's right - however an import tax would apply, and with the regulations as I understand them, you can't import a true, automatic machine gun without a ton of paperwork and taxes associated with it. I believe that is why all models of H&K, and other gun makers from Europe, are not available for sale here.

    There is a guy here that goes by Mr. Clean - he is a wealth of knowledge on this subject. I would suggest sending him a PM - He is a Class III guy and knows the rules inside and out.

  4. anm2_man

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    I do believe that you could import the de-milled weapon. Again, taxes and paper work would be immense and probably not worth it. Could you ever make it a full auto once its been imported - NEVER - Once de-milled always de-milled. I know of 2-3 mp5 (fully transferable) that are available now. That would be alot easier.
  5. truevil1313

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    Thanks guys, I have sent your responses on to him, and I also told him to join this fourm! Thanks again!!
  6. Subgun Ordnance

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    The gun could be put back together by a 07/02 SOT as a POST sample gun for LE or Military only or another dealer with demo letter.

    Later Joe
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    Can a demilled weapon (demilled to US BATFE Specs) be imported? Most likely- but current demill seems to involve torch cutting receiver into 3 or more bits. May want to check if that is a TRUE demill by US standards. Can it be restored? Well, if it was not registered with the BATFE by May 1986, it cannot be registered to a private owner. Cut off date. Only the full autos already registered can be transfered. No additional weapons can be registered. There IS an exception for dealers that sell to military and Law Enforcement AGENCIES. :(
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    Thanks again for all of the info. I have copied and pasted your answers to an email I sent him. It looks like to me it is not worth the hassle.