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    I can't believe a 20 year old kid won the Daytona 500 ...It brings new blood to racing 10 years after Dale Earnhardt died......Tony Stewart (smoke) was my man but he didn't smoke that day.....Maybe next weekend???......
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    I do not know what you thought about the race! I was glad the kid won he seems like a great kid with certainly excessive talent. But personally I did not like all that pushing and communication process between the drivers. I to me seems to make NASCAR a political event somewhat. Example: We will all get together and do this or do that to the other teams. If we do not really like you your out and will have one H__l of a time winning! Yes, I am for drafting and has been done for years. And I think that communication should be restricted to team mates. And not the barter and trade politics of NASCAR in the latest imposed rule. Not to mention they are going to get some drivers killed! I will be very surprised if we do not loose one or two this year. God I hope I am wrong! Too many cars running too fast in packs pushing and pulling with almost zero reaction time. I just didn't get that much out of the cars running around the track like little choo choo train and cars. And you need to get with me and whoever! I like the bidding for positions by the individual cars and teams. I also sent NASCAR an E-mail advising what I thought. I love racing and did some work with Smoke on some tracks in Indiana in years past since I was born and lived there until a few years ago. He sure did not keep up the pace Sunday! But impressed with the kid!
    Good luck to Smoke this year! Well that's my two cents and thanks for listening!


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    I watched exactly 5 laps that was the most boring 20 minutes of my life.

    NASCAR SUCKS anymore.

    Cars all exactly the same
    Engines all EXACTLY the same.
    Tires all EXACTLY the same
    Fuel all EXACTLY the same.

    It is not racing when you have two packs of cars pushing each other the track and turning left.

    Don't even get me started on the chase to the cup crap. THAT is so stupid it is not funny.

    NASCAR used to be a proving ground of engines transmissions and cars. NASCAR made huge impacts on the study of aerodynamics. Now all it is, is a 3 hours long infomerical.

    They even did that chase to the cup crap in my beloved NHRA. Between that and making some cars run 1000 ft and some run 1/4 miles it just killed the sport for me. I used to watch every qualifying round and every final round of every NHRA race now I don't even watch it. SO BORING. They keep screwing things up. Drag racing is and should be 1/8 mile for the little guys and 1/4 mile for the big boys. If a track doesn't have the proper safety run off then don't race there. Before you know it drag racing is going to turn into monster truck racing.

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    They say you loose 10 pounds of water weight every race and it's like a steam room inside of that suite they wear...I know the drivers are in very good shape but 10 to 12 pounds of water weight is an awfull lot of water to loose in 3 hours???....Guess you don't have to pee with loosing all that water that fast.....:D
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    it would be more interesting if they had to use unmodified cars off the showroom floor. if its not avaliable from a dealership it shouldnt be on a track. i too think that nascar indy racing etc is boring as hell. i rank it right down there in boring land with ipsec matches.