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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by fmj, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Well, today was a sad day. I was put in the position of having to drop my tree stands, load them up and bring them home. Once again, thru no fault of my own, i was tossed off a property i deer hunted on. A whole 3 weeks before the opening of archery season.

    Not to allow the day to be a total bummer, the wife came with to help drop and drag stands out, a road trip, lunch and some range time.

    All things considered it was a productive day.

    A little background: The wife, 20+ years ago was NOT a fan of firearms. What little experience she had with them was decidedly bad. Flash forward 20+ years and a TON of patient work on my part and we have what you are about to see.

    I am proud but know we still have a way to go!

    Wifes target, 7 rds, 10 yds, right hand. (Shes left hand dominant but cant get the damn thing to cycle shooting left hand)


    I took the new (to me) Ruger Model 44 and did some experimentation.

    5 rds, Factory 240 gr. JFN...

    5 rds, 240 gr. JHP, sitting on 19 gr 2400 out of my press...

    5 rds, 240 gr. JHP sitting on 18.5 gr. 2400...

    I would have to conclude the ole Ruger 44 likes to eat 240 gr. JHP on top of 18.5 gr. of 2400. But thats just my uneducated opinion.
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    I hate to hear you lost your lease.

    I'll be in the same boat next season.
    The landowner passed away,and her kids have to sell the place.The owner had a Reverse Mortgage on it,and the family can't afford to buy the place.

    Good shooting,it looks like the 18.5 gr load might be a good one for you.