Davis-Warner Infallible Pistol

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    Hey everyone....

    I recently did a firearm transfer for a fella who bought, what was labeled as a, "gunsmith special" Warner Infallible pistol in .32 ACP. The pistol does not fire and the customer is not really interested in firing it based on some negative info hes gleaned of the internet about the gun not being very safe. Personally I find it to be an interesting looking little pistol and would like to know if anyone could share info on where I might be able to get disassembly instructions for it. I know the pistol was not made but for a couple of years back in the early 1900's.

    I say the pistol does not fire based on how it feels when dry firing it and also based on the comment left by the seller on Gunbroker. It seems like it would be an easy fix if I could see how it comes apart via a schematic etc.

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    Have you tried YouTube?

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    That's the first place I went to =)... I tried every combo I could think of to get a video or any kind of helpful information about disassembly or field stripping. There is next to nothing about this firearm that I could find. That is why I posted here.

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    I thought that said inflatable pistol! Ive never heard of it, best of luck and keep us posted.
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    RC, it is rather doubtful that you will find any instructions for the orphan. Davis became Davis-Warner in 1917, and went belly up in 1919. There were 3 different variants of Infallible pistol (no "the" in the name) Total production 7,000 guns. Claim to fame was a safety that blocked the sear. Claim to infamy- improperly assembled, on firing the breechblock was coming out of the rear at high speed.
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    I thought as much C3 but had to put it out there anyway. I got the same info you did from wiki but hoped that maybe someone around here might have picked one of these obscure firearms for their own collection.

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    Numrich has some parts but no schematic.

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    Found this quickly

    Davis-warner Infallible

    The Davis-Warner Arms Corp of Assonet, Mass was a small gun company that specialized in selling imported German pistols at the first part of the 20th century. When that pesky World War 1thing broke out and the Kaiser decided that he needed all the pistols he could get, the logistics of this arrangement no longer worked for the American company, so they started making their own little gatt, a super homely six-shot striker-fired .32ACP they called the Infallible. The thing is, if you cocked it wrong the breechblock had a nasty habit of leaving the gun at a high rate of speed. Guess no own consulted a dictionary before they named it infallible.
  9. I collect .32 ACP pistols of the era. The "Infallible" is infamous for being inappropriately named. Their biggest trick is to be able to stand upright when carefully set down on the flat portion on the rear of the slide.

    I'm sorry for not being able to give you any help or instructions, but from all I've been able to learn of them, non-operable is probably the best manner to leave it.