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    got my dd year ago and finally got some extra cash,,looks like im ordering a aimpoint pro red dot...but need some pics or ideas for some extras...light,ladder covers,new grip ect...thanks in advance. cory
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    The sky has no limit when modding AR15. It has infinity configurations or looks when comes to it. It all depends on your needs and budget.

    Stop by and BROWSE this forum AR15 pics thread. There are tons of configuration pics or looks which you will get your attention on. From there you will get an idea which route to start with..

    Speaking of light, i love Inforce WML with the HSP/IWC thorntail offset mount.

    And i also own both Streamlight TLR1 and the TLR1 HL. They are just like the famous Surefire X300 but cheaper. To me the Streamlight does the job enough and quite happy already. You can always get them from Amazon.

    Not sure which grip you meant, but let me go through about pistol, vertical and angle grips.
    For pistol grip, i love BCM Mod 1 or the Magpul MIAD. The difference is BCM's is more vertical compared to the MIAD.

    Lots of Vertical and Angle grips out there. Also check out "Hand Stop Kit" From the simplest looks to the fancy design. From the cheap Magpul BUT works to the more expensive models made by others.
    I eventually swapped all Magpul Vertical Grips to Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kits.

    Let's put this way, check out the following sites below. You will see what brands they carry. So that way you will be able to justify which models you like, price ranges or maybe reviews.


    And finally here are the old pics of my builds. Some of them had changed configurations.


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    yeah thanks..i think i looked through about 300 pic and im still slobbering..nice collection...i was looking at the trl2h light myself..im not new to shooting, but new to ar15 thing,makes it easy when you see pictures of what your looking to do,,takes the guessing out...thanks for the help...
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    Remember.....everything you hang on it adds weight potentially slowing maneuverability.
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    yeah not going crazy,,,flashlight,pro aimpoint,maybe new grip,,got troy battlesites on already...maybe a better comp trigger...about 1000 in the hole...lol oh yeah plus the 1600 for the dd...thanks for the reply...
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    Why not go and root around on DD site and look at the stuff they hang there model guns and make notes.

    An for a mo-rons view of extra's on an ar15, hehehehe-
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    For a light, I recommend the Armytek Predator Pro. Been using it for a few months, run and gun stuff, banging around, night shooting, coyote hunting, etc, and it's effing awesome. I've had 600$ surefires and my buddies as well, and while they are great lights, this thing has yet to be beat for around 125$. 760 "claimed" lumens. Maybe not that much, but honestly I thinks it's close. Anyway, I vouch. Check it out.
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    I have a DD M4v3 ($1400 LW rifle). Here's what I added/changed:

    • EoTech XPS 2.0- Good optic, might have gone Aimpoint in hindsight.
    • Magpul AFG- replacing DD vertical grip (don't like verts myself)
    • BCM Gunfighter CH- Major upgrade, minor investment
    • Magpul STR stock- The MOE is fine, but I like the lockout.
    • Umbrella Grip- Great CQB grip, maybe not as ideal for the range.
    • ALG QMS trigger- Massive upgrade for $40. My DD trigger was nasty.
    • Magpul MS3 Sling- Single point QD, mounted to DD endplate

    That's how I altered mine. I need to get pics up...will try to snap a couple within the next few days and maybe add to this thread. Anyway, it's now become a $2K endeavor and is pretty well set up the way I like it.

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