Dangerous guns

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by MobileMarine, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Guns that are famous for blowing fingers off or just plain unreliable , the ones that you would rather throw at a intruder than to shoot him with .

    For me it's a H&R sportsman .22 top break . That gun ... has shot a hole thru my shoe , a friend almost shot another friend with it , its shot a tool box and a side door to a garage . Careless you say ? Well it has a nasty habit of the hammer not staying locked . If the hammer gets hit in anyway it seems it will go off . The first time I shot it I pointed it down to cock it and almost shot my foot . A buddy picked it up and tried it and almost shot one of the other guys . I sold it to a friend for 10.00 lol it went off in his tool box in the garage once and I dont know how it shot the door and not sure i want to know .

    2nd , Made in spain s&w knock off in a 32 long . Dont know why , It just scares me
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    My grandfather had an old .32 revolver that felt like it was made of plastic. Had no markings on it at all, wouldn't lock up at all hardly. A friend of his bought it for $5, my grandfather bought it from him for $20 just to get it away from him. He wouldn't even keep ammo for it after the first time he attempted to shoot it.

    He wanted to put it in the fireplace and destroy it, but held onto it just for the heck of it. He said it's more likely to kill the person holding it then to actually fire at an intruder.

    He also had an old H&R revolver .22, maybe the same as yours. He loved that thing, but made sure he kept 5 beans in the wheel. Or 8, I think it was a 9 shot.