Dan Wesson "Pistol Pack"?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by survivalnut, May 9, 2007.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get one of these, how much they run for, and does anyone own one?


    Dan Wesson Pistol pack"?

    Hello all

    Ron L here = Seresurplus

    I've owned a few of these as well as a few other Dan Wesson Revolvers, They were OK, but not an Item I'd Look too hard for? You could Do just as well, if not Better with a Used S & W or Taurus 357, Better sites, Trigger, quality of materials! The last time I saw one at a Local show the Dealer that had one, wanted near $500+ for his, with 3 Barrels and Revolver in Less than Wonderful shape! You can find them, but they will not be cheap and I wonder if they are worth the $ or the hunt? Just my thoughts?


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    I've had a Dan wesson kit gun and used it alot, never had a bit of trouble with it, my only complaint was with the controls, being a firearms training officer on a municipal PD that was equiped with S&W's it was a bit confusing at times making the transition, the S&W has the cylinder latch in a different possition than does the Dan Wesson, so I finally quit trying to confuse myself and sold it off.

    I did see one at a local gun shop this week, it's in like new condition, .357mag., it includes the frame, two sets of grips, and barrels include the 2/12", 4", 6" , and 8" set, asking price was about $850.00.

    Considering the cost of most new S&W revolvers today, that's not a bad deal.

    I just picked up a 99% S&W 4" Mod. 19-4, with the Pinned barrel/ recessed cylinder
    and was glad to get it for $400.00 + tx.
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    Dan Wesson Pistol Pack

    I had a early 80's Model .357 pistol pack. All 4 Barrels, Came in a killer Brief case with storage compartments for the little tools and everything! I was even able to call Wesson firearms just to ask some generalities about the Pack and they not only sent me all new owners manuls even a certificate with exact date the gun was made and everything! its a solid piece of hardware! I am looking for one myself!!! I truly regret letting that thing go!! I picked it up at a pawn shop for $300.00 used to extensively for 4 years and was able to resell it for $650.00!!!! (I take REAL good care of mytoys!!)
    So in my humble opinion, GET OFF YOUR *** AND GET ONE BOY!!! LOL I know I am!!! Your buddy O~:cool:
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    I have one in stainless and a 6" barrel and it just sits in my safe. It seems accurate enough but the cylinder timing has gone south the cylinder does'nt always lock into place before the hammer falls, it stops just short of the lock so I need to get it fixed, it's not safe to shoot right now. Also, i'm not that impressed with the action even after stoning it.
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    I have four pistol packs which two are still new.A 357 blue and 22 blue. The stainless 357 and 44 mag. has been shot quite often. I enjoy the different size barrels and it actually doesnt take any time to change barrels. I personally haven't had any problems. I also probably only shoot 6 to 8 times a year.I do prefer them over the taurus and rugers
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    Survivalnut -

    I was recently looking into these. Dan Wesson revolvers have terrific reputations for durability and accuracy, and the interchangibility (sp?) of barrel lengths made this an intriguing option for me. But then I thought about it and wondered how often I'd shoot a 2" or 4" barrel (I do target shooting exclusively, except for some varmint shooting I hope to get into soon--javelina in Arizona: BEWARE!!) I saw one complete-looking set being offered on GA for $1500!!. What??!! A local gun shop in Arizona has a so-so looking set in .357 for just over $1,000. Clearly, there are many attractive options in .357 for under $1,000. So you have to ask yourself whether you'd really use the different barrel lengths (which you might if you do the CCW thing and also target shoot). And then there is the issue of obtaining parts you may need in the future with regard to a company which never was a big consumer hit to begin with (unfairly, it seems to me) and no longer exists.

    This isn't intended to be a negative answer--just a list of considerations to contemplate. If you can get a good deal, I'd go for it. I've never been reluctant to go for good quality things which never obtained consumer popularity for whatever reason. Of course, when I went to sell them, I'd get killed....but that's another story.

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    I have a model 715, which wasn't purchased as a "Pistol Pack" but I've obtained several barrels and shrouds for it over the years. Mine is a late "Monson" production piece and I've owned it since the mid 80's. I purchased most of my extra barrels from a gun show vendor who was an employee at the Monson factory. Back in their heyday, these guns were highly rated by top competition sillouette shooters and brought home many trophies. The interchangeable barrel system made them inherrently accurate because of the way the attachment system stressed the barrel from each end. The heavy hammer spring and short hammer throw made for quick lock time and the frame stud made it a perfect candidate for any type of custom grips you could imagine. These were really good guns, but they didn't catch on too well with the avearge Joe. Financial problems forced them to move production from Monson to Palmer (Mass) and then the quality started to suffer. It was mostly downhill from there. They went belly-up and disappeared for many years. Last I heard the name, designs and patents were bought by another company and they're making them again now in N.Y.. I believe they also market a 1911 under the Dan Wesson name now too. I haven't seen any of the new production guns so I can't comment on them, but if you're looking for an older one, make sure it was made in Monson Mass., NOT Palmer.
    These were made in several calibers, .22, .38 Special, .357, .44mag and some were also made in .445 SuperMag. These SuperMag models are quite rare and desireable with collectors, and handgun hunters especially like these ones too
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    I just bought a .22 with 6 & 8 inch barrels on Gunbroker. My Dad had a .357 pistol pack and it was the finest shooting revolver I ever tried. The trade name was bought by CZ and they support all the older guns so parts are readily available. As said in a previous post, you certainly want a Monson gun versus a Palmer gun as quality did suffer with the Palmer editions...
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    I kind of wish I had the pistol pack. I currently have a Model 14-2 in .357 Mag with a 4" barrel. I got it from a pawn shop back in 1986. I had checked several places looking for barrels, but the Model 14 seemed to harder to find than the Model 15 or 715.
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    Prices seem to be climbing

    I've been tracking the cost of DW pistol packs on several of the on-line auctions and sales sites; a set in good condition, with 3 or most times 4 barrels, orignal case, barrel tool and spacer hover near or above the $800 mark. I have personally been out bid on 3, with my max price being right at the $800 point. One set went for more than $1200.

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    I have one listed now in firearms and accessories for sale. I have also included pics and would consider partial trade. Take a look. I am asking $699.00 I have saw this gun sell for as low as $750.00 and up to $1500.00 this is a good buy. Would consider a smaller caliber in trade.
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    Looking at a dan wesson 357 pistol pack. Good shape with all barrels grips etc. Looking for a ball park worth. Any info would b appreciated. Thanks
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    AROUND $800. Maybe more, maybe less. Where else are you gonna get 4 good revolvers for $800 ? Have had a model 15-HV since about 1978. Very accurate, built like a tank.
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    Check gunbroker. Saw one there this morning. Some guy has the frame and barrels for sale (why someone would sell frame and barrels in different auctions is beyond me.)
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    So he can make more money from it! He can get about $300 for the frame and $150+ or so for each of the barrels. If the barrels are really clean, the snubbie and the big ones wil go way up there.

    I knew I should have grabbed that pistol pack a while back for $775!

    On the DW forum, there's a guy testing barrels he's going to be making and selling. So far, no complaints from the testers.
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    I have one of these that was gifted to me by a family member. He bought it brand new about 40 years ago and never fired it. has all 4 barrels, belt buckle, and patch. Still has the paper between the cylinder and the frame.

    It'll probably be staying that way in my safe as i can't bring myself to sell it or to shoot it. Its just too perfect.

    very nice guns though, i personally have been very impressed with it.
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    Just paid over 1000 bucks for the .357 pack with all four barrels.

    But I shoot it....a LOT!
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    Dans are argueably among the most accurate double action revolvers ever made. They offered a wide variety of front sites which can be changed out with one screw being turned out. They are able to shoot "Ruger Only" loads without a problem. The versatility is nice with barrels being able to be switched out to the desired barrel/cylinder gap in several minutes. Parts were, and I believe once again after a fire at DWCZ, available. I know that the rear sight blade on the later generation of rear sights could be changed out also to a narrow notch one of .080 which gave an almost rifle like sight picture. The single action trigger pull is excellent with the DA being longer than Smiths. They are known for their Python-like gloss deep blue finish, but they also have had issues with the frame parts turning a plum color due to salts in the steel of some of the runs. The Palmer guns for the most part are fine, the issues they did have were on guns that by now had been recified long ago. Palmer gun owners who also own Monson will tell you there is no difference, from what I have experienced. I would not say they are inferior to Taurus.....