DA/SA over DAO

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by Don_Mega, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Don_Mega

    Don_Mega New Member

    Are there any benefits to DA/SA over DAO? Been looking at a P229 but can't see why it would be better than a Glock for EDC.

    No disrespect to the Sig fans I think they are great pistol also.
  2. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    The main benefit to SA/DA is you don't have to worry about Glock leg.

  3. Don_Mega

    Don_Mega New Member

    If someone draws from the holster with a DA/SA with their finger on the trigger prematurely I would think they can still shoot themselves no?
  4. capto56

    capto56 New Member

    Shouldn't be in SA to begin with. The DA acts as a safety enough with the trigger pull weight.
  5. CrazedJava

    CrazedJava New Member

    I can't speak for SIGs but my preference is the DA/SA setup. A lot of people make a big deal about consistent trigger pull but I learned on a DA/SA and I don't find the training issue to be a big deal.

    A proper DAO, in my opinion, is not a full strength revolver style trigger pull but should still be more pressure than a standard SA trigger pull. This is why I prefer DA/SA though. DA should be like pulling the trigger on a revolver, thus the safety of leaving the hammer down. The SA trigger pull for follow up shots should be light. The trouble is the initial first shot placement is more difficult. I train this way though and have learned to compensate.

    If I wanted a DAO handgun it would be tough for me to overlook some dedicated designed specifically for DAO handguns like Glocks, the S&W M&P series, or Springfield XD's. SIGs are awesome but why bother with DAO on one?
  6. slewfoot

    slewfoot New Member

    Glocks are not really DAO guns they are striker fired which is a different system, the trigger of a striker pistol cannot fully cock the gun, it is partially cocked when a round is chambered, the trigger just finishes cocking the last bit and fires, if you have a misfire with a striker you cannot pull the trigger again to try to fire the shell, you must clear the shell from the chamber, therefore partially cocking the gun again while inserting a fresh round to the chamber, in that respect is is similar to a single action as it needs to cycle the action to partially recock the striker, allowing the trigger to finish the job.

    I prefer DA/SA just because I like the ability to cock the hammer and have a nice trigger pull, for hunting, target shooting this is what I prefer, for carry I would go DA/SA or possibly striker, I don't like the DAO trigger pull.
  7. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    My preference is a gun with da/sa action or a sa with a grip safety. Mainly for that heavy first round trigger pull or having to properly grip the gun to get the trigger to work.

    I have one dao gun its my little ruger lcp but unlike most dao guns the trigger is heavy enough to prevent nd's in most hurried situations.

    I have shot some sig dao and the triggers are far too light for my tastes on first round, might as well carry a sig in sa mode.

    Just personal tastes and what i train with
  8. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    I prefer DAO or SAO in everything. I do NOT like a heavy, long, DA pull, and then short, light SA pulls after that.

    I personally will refuse to ever own a DA/SA gun, unless it's either given to me, or just simply too good of a deal to pass up, at which point I would be getting it to sell at a profit.
  9. Tackleberry1

    Tackleberry1 New Member

    It comes down to preference... and what works for you. DA/SA works well for many people but I prefer a consistant trigger pull in an EDC pistol.

    I find that with every DA/SA I've owned, I must re-grip the pistol when transitioning between DA mode and SA mode because the triggers of these guns drops to the rear considerably after the first shot.

    The "proper" grip places the pad of the trigger finger on the face off the trigger "which is fully forward" in DA mode.

    I find that once I've fired that initial shot and the pistol has cycled onto SA mode, the "drop back" of the triggers position now places it at the joint of my trigger finger necessitating the "re-grip".

    The bigger question is "what works" for you and what system "are you" comfortable with?

    Good Luck